Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

Over breakfast with her Mom, Summer reports that Harrison seems OK but she will never see Claire as a victim (and is annoyed that Phyllis does)

Strolling through the park, Claire diplomatically suggests it’s time her Mom got back to work.

At the house, Kyle correctly guesses that his Mom’s still mad at his Dad. No, Diane doesn’t think he cheated with Nikki but what he did may be worse.

Victor ignores Jack as he passes by his table. Jack wastes no time following him to Society’s bar to ask how Nikki is.

You understand to a ‘certain extent’ why I’m furious!? Diane thinks what Jack did selfish. Kyle disagrees. He put everything at risk! Diane maintains.

Victor thinks it absurd to give Jack credit for saving Nikki’s life – she called the ambulance to save your ass!

Kyle thinks his Dad acted from the right place. He understands – but thinks his Mom’s jealous. Dad loves you.

Summer tries to make her Mom see sense. Claire was willing to kill five members of my family – who says she can’t get to that level again?

This IS me in action, Vikki looks forward to an epic summer with her kids (even Reed). She worked her way to the top of Newman but now feels she has a different purpose. Maybe Claire’s trying to push her Mom out of the nest because she’s ready to fly herself?

Diane wonders if Kyle always feels the need to oppose her – just like at work. You won’t even try to see things from my perspective.

Jack and Victor go ego to ego. Nikki would be drinking to death right now if Jack hadn’t stepped in. You put her life in jeopardy! You could have died! Victor wags his finger and shouts.