Thursday, May 9th, 2024

Unbelievable! Claire’s all over Harrison, Summer whines to her Mom in the park. What will she do? Not walk away, she huffs off.

Diane’s SO angry at Jack that she’s leaving. You overdosed – the EMT’s had to revive you! Jack took the pills as a last resort to save Nikki. It was an ‘in the moment’ hail Mary – and it worked!

Jordan assumes Victor must need her ‘skill-set’ for something. Nope, he’s just considering his options.

What a surprise, Summer forces cheeriness as she and Phyllis join the little gathering in the park. Harrison chatters away about him and Claire being kidnapped and feeding the ducks! As Claire’s parents and Kyle watch on, Phyllis introduces herself as Harrison’s ‘very protective’ Grandma.

Diane’s hissy fit continues. Jack can’t apologize enough. You put Nikki first and she worries that her anger might cause Jack to relapse. I need to remove myself from the situation, Diane’s in tears. Jack takes her hand – we’ll work through this together.

Arms folded, Summer scowls while Vikki and Phyllis force smiles for Harrison’s sake. Vikki hasn’t warned Claire about all the characters in GC. The thing about warnings is that not everyone’s paying attention to them, Phyllis says pointedly.

Victor’s calling the shots and mulling over a ‘project’. Only I can do what I can do, Jordan can smell, manipulate and weaponize fear – just ask Nikki. Victor tells the bitch to never mention Nikki again. Jordan knows Victor wants her to do his ‘dirty work’ – what’s a little more blood on her hands, after all?

Think about what we discussed earlier, Vikki quietly asks Kyle as she leaves with Claire. After Phyllis and Harrison go to the playground, Summer hisses at Kyle – how could you do this to me?

You’re a damn cruel bastard, Victor leaves a bottle of vodka for Jordan. Cheers. Damn you! Come back here! Jordan looks like the trapped animal she is.

Jack takes full blame. I’m OK, our future’s safe. Go to some twelve step meetings, Diane demands. Jack will if it changes her mind and secures their happiness. It kills him to have hurt Diane so deeply. Please, don’t leave, he pleads.