Friday, May 10th, 2024

Adam feels so powerless. Sally’s supportive.

Chelsea’s understandably a mess – because Connor’s self-harming, he might have to go into isolation/observation for a few weeks. Billy reassures her as best he can.

Sally encourages Adam to stay positive. Her heart breaks for Connor. My son feels that he’s ‘broken’.

Connor thinks he’s a burden, Chelsea shares with Billy. Lily’s sorry to interrupt – she hopes Connor’s doing well. After Chelsea leaves’s quick and quiet exit, Billy declines going with her – what he has to tell Lily can’t wait.

Danny chides Phyllis – yes, this is ‘for real’. He and Chris make no attempt to hide their love for one another.

Chelsea enters Adam’s place talking a mile a minute before realizing that Sally’s there. With a few words of support, Sally leaves the pair to bond – we’re the only ones who know what we’re going through. Chelsea wonders if Adam blames her.

Left to wonder what Billy wants to see Lily about, Nate suggests to Devon that their paranoia might be causing more damage than Billy is.

Back at CW, Billy relays his Mom’s ‘major decision’ to Lily – Jill’s stepping away from the company and turning her power over to him.

Billy insists he was surprised that his Mom turned the reins over to him – it’s apparently his ‘turn to shine’. Lily’s suspicious – why didn’t Jill tell her and Devon?

Nate suggests he and Devon stop spinning conspiracy theories about internal threats and build bridges instead. Devon thinks they should go hear what bomb Billy’s dropping on Lily right now.

This is bad enough without us beating ourselves up, Adam’s figure of speech is immediately regretted. Chelsea sobs – how is this not our fault?

Joining Chloe at CL’s, Sally admits she’s been paying the company bills from her personal account. They’ll be broke within weeks. Maybe we need to find a way to change Victor’s mind, Chloe can’t believe her own words.

Danny’s arms wrapped around her, Chris has never been more certain. You want to be a groupie? As usual, Phyllis makes it about herself.

Call Jill if you don’t trust me, Billy denies he’s making a move on his Mother and Lily. Your brother won’t be happy about this, he understates. On cue, Devon and Nate arrive. You might want to sit down for this shocker, Lily advises.

No, Sally won’t bother Adam; he’s got enough going on with Connor. Nick? Chloe then suggests. Maybe this was a mistake, Sally alarms Chloe.

As much as Adam hates to admit it, he now realizes that they must trust the process and the doctors. He wraps his arm around Chelsea as she weeps over their sons’ suffering.

You’ve fallen back in love? Phyllis has lost her appetite and may never eat again. Take care, Danny says. Phyllis will make sure their son doesn’t make mistakes like his father is – break a leg. That leaves Danny and Chris to kiss.

No, the mistake isn’t their partnership, it was leaving the world of fashion, Sally tells Chloe that they can dig themselves out of this hole – we’ll need damn big shovels.

We have to trust the doctors, Adam reiterates to Chelsea – the only option is moving forward.

Devon finds it convenient that they can’t reach Jill because she’s traveling the world. We’re not just gonna let you get away with this, he warns Billy.