Monday, May 13th, 2024

What are you doing here? Lily looks up from her laptop in disdain. Ester was wrong – she has neither the time nor the inclination to discuss avoiding a court battle with Daniel.

As Dom plays on the monkeybars, Devon updates Abby that (per Billy) Jill’s handed full control of CW over to him (which Devon’s not buying/standing for)

Running into (and over to) Audra at Society, young-Ashley’s smile is as bright as her dress. Hoping she’s dumped ‘that snake’, Ashley’s informed of the opposite – Audra’s going to Paris with Tucker, in fact.

Meanwhile, Tucker goes over to shake Alan’s hand at the GCAC. You can’t leave your friend Ashley in the lurch – she needs help, desperately.

This isn’t about me, Tucker wants Alan to help Ashley. Why do you think she needs psychological help? Alan asks. The incident in Paris, the mood swings – her family’s terrified for her, Tucker wants Alan to cancel his flight – Ashley won’t get well on her own.

Ashley wishes Audra only the best. Warned about getting involved with her psychologist, she finds the dating advice ‘adorable’.

Abby also finds it odd that Jill’s unavailable to even corroborate Billy’s claim. Devon can’t understand why he and Lily were blindsided. Jill’s being careless or wants to go to war.

Lily and Daniel bicker over Princess Louisa. No, she very much has NOT changed her mind or forgiven him. This seems all about revenge, Daniel sulks.

Lily gives Daniel the explanation he’s not entitled to – this is business, not personal. She’s just doing her job. Don’t take this from me, he ‘begs’.

Not challenging Devon’s belief that CW won’t be able to remain profitable under such chaos, Abby has to wonder how Neil would handle the situation.

Audra suspects Ashley hopes to con Alan into falling for her to distract from her psychological issues. ‘That’s quite the plot you’ve cooked up, sister’, Ashley is open to whatever the universe has in store for her. Bye.