Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

When Tucker shows up at her suite in Paris, Audra asks what the hell he’s doing there. He could ask her the same question.

At Ashley’s apartment in Paris, Traci and Alan agree that it’s understandable for her to be nervous. Excusing herself to freshen up, Ashley hears a voice inside her head say ‘We need to get out of here before it’s too late’.

Claire stops by CL’s to pick up some treats to bring along on her first day of work.

On the front step, Kyle and Summer watch Harrison ride his bike. Today’s the big day – for all of us. It’s nerve-wracking for Summer. She doesn’t need Kyle to be proud of her – she needs him to be right.

Inside, Diane confirms that indeed, she IS still upset about Jack being Nikki’s sponsor. There’s nothing else to say – she’s made a decision. I’m done.

Done with ‘us’? Jack’s shocked – our kind of love doesn’t just disappear. You don’t care about my feelings, Diane doesn’t like Jack dropping everything every time Nikki needs him and isn’t convinced he won’t ‘use’ again.

Check your email (Tucker’s sent Audra a cease and desist) Glacade is MINE. Get the hell out of my room! Audra orders him back to GC – to the people he claims to care so much about.

‘Get out of here now, while you still can’, Ashley’s inner voice says over the ringing in her ears.

Once we figure out what happened after the fight with Tucker, we can get at the root of what caused Ashley’s DID, Alan explains. Traci worries about her sister having to face her trauma. Ashley’s personalities might take over, Alan believes they (the alters) have a firm grip on her psyche.

Meanwhile, those alters are now telling Ashley to ‘just let go’.

Jack can’t believe Diane thinks getting high appeals to him. Diane can’t worry that if Nikki slips, he will too. You broke my trust. What do we do now? Jack asks. Diane’s leaving – giving Jack time to think; let it all sink in. Diane! he yanks open the front door to shout.

We were happy, on top of the world (at least Tucker was) He was ready to commit his life to Audra – with or without vows. He still is – why are you doing this? You chose everyone else over me, Audra lists Ashley and Devon. Not once did you put me first. She feels a fool for thinking he ever would and will never believe him again.