Thursday, May 30th, 2024

At CL’s with Kyle, Summer claims that she’s checking her phone for work messages. Getting a text from Claire, she jumps to the conclusion that something’s ‘obviously’ wrong.

Nikki thanks Jack for meeting her (at Society) She can read him well – what’s going on?

Stopping by Diane’s table at the GCAC, Victor asks if she’s trying to hide from him.

Don’t panic, Kyle shows Summer the photo Claire sent – Harrison’s having fun with the caterpillars. Clearly, he and Claire are having fun. It was nice of her to message us, Summer concedes. Have you changed your mind on her? Kyle wonders.

Back at the house, Claire tells Harrison that she once saw a butterfly come out of it’s cocoon. ‘Metamorphosis’ means change, she adds. Harrison hopes they can see the butterflies together ~high five~

Nikki has news – Jordan was found, alive. She’s locked up in max security. Both she and Jack wish she was gone for good. Nikki wasn’t tempted to drink – she’s feeling grounded. Jack’s proud of her. So, what is it you don’t want to tell me? Nikki correctly guesses he’s having second thoughts about being her sponsor.

Seated with Diane, Victor asks her opinion of the night Jack took pills and acted like an idiot while Nikki got sloshed. Jack did what he thought was best in the moment, Diane replies. Your husband spent the night in a hotel room with my wife – you don’t think that’s a betrayal? (Victor obviously does)

Don’t push me, Summer gently scolds Kyle. She would like to let go of her mistrust of Claire; it’ll take time. Harrison deserves to be around someone who makes him smile. When Summer decides it’s time to go to work, Kyle’s in no hurry. My Mom thinks I’m undermining her. My skill set is above hers. As long as you’re not doing things behind her back, Summer’s sure things will be fine. Uh oh – what have you done?

Jack could have killed my wife, Victor states. Diane thinks Jack acted selflessly. You should take a long hard look at the man you married, he advises.

Diane was terrified by what I did, Jack admits – she worries it’ll happen again. We addicts can’t guarantee anything. No, he hasn’t taken pills again – he has too much to lose. You risked your sobriety and life to save mine – Nikki will forever be indebted to him. She’ll find another sponsor and Jack will always be her dearest friend.

Hearing about Kyle closing a deal behind his Mom’s back (and her reaction – telling him not to finalize it) Summer reminds Kyle that Diane’s his boss. Summer hasn’t forgiven Diane for leaving Kyle for years. Kyle loves his Mom but sees her differently. Be careful and don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal, Summer advises before they again admire the photo of Harrison.

We can still go to meetings together, Jack says – Victor will be happy. Nikki didn’t tell him that she asked Jack to be her sponsor again. Jack relays Victor’s visit while Nikki was in rehab – he told me to stay away. Our spouses don’t understand what we went through that night – but we do, Nikki concludes.