Wednesday, June 26th, 2024

Back in the hotel suite, Chelsea and Adam manage to share a chuckle and some pastries.

Diane and Kyle share their differing versions of the Huntington deal. The CEO called Kyle – he was furious and ready to walk. Diane had him where she wanted him and was about to get Jabot a much better deal. Jack has to agree that Kyle overstepped.

Kyle’s astonished that his Dad’s siding with his Mom. Jack doesn’t need to look at the contract – you damaged her credibility, Jabot’s and mine. You made it look like I gave my wife a job she didn’t deserve. Kyle will go clean out his office. There’s no need to talk it out – consider me gone! That leaves Diane to quiver to Jack – please don’t blame me for this. Kyle wastes no time sending Victor a text – ready to negotiate?

Adam can’t stand the waiting. It’s Chelsea’s turn to be the strong one. You really are something, Adam admires her devotion to helping Connor – but maybe it’s a mistake to stay in this town.

Kyle wasn’t happy about being relegated to #3, Diane sees no other explanation. Was firing him really necessary though? Jack has to ask. Diane insists it was – Kyle’s just so angry with her. She walks on eggshells here and at home. We’re only ‘normal’ when Harrison’s in the room, she weeps in Jack’s arms.

Kyle meets Victor at the club. Yes, he’s more than ready to accept the job offer. He’s officially left Jabot.

Adam and I have had our moments, Billy admits – but none of that matters now. He then puts him foot in his mouth about Sally not having kids. Chelsea’s lucky to have you, she compliments. Not as lucky as Adam is to have you, Billy replies in kind.

Adam’s not sure they can sit in this room waiting for a call – it could take a couple of weeks. Chelsea cant leave her son but understands if Adam goes back to GC. You’re not getting rid of me that easy – if you stay, I stay, Adam vows.

Appreciating Jack’s support, Diane’s sorry he had to come home to this. They discuss Ashley. Jack also saw Ally. Abby too – she’s upset she wasn’t told about her Mom’s situation. As for Kyle, Jack’s not ready to give up on him working at Jabot.

You left Jabot rather suddenly, Victor wonders if Kyle’s parents support the move. Are you ready to become a serious competitor to Jabot? Kyle has every intention of giving Jabot a run for its money.

Diane and Kyle both dream of Kyle running the Abbott family legacy – some day. But, right now, letting him go was the ‘only course’ we had, Diane’s sure of her decision.

Kyle’s been thinking of leaving Jabot for a while – hard to stay where you’ve been demoted twice. Jabot’s loss is Glacade’s gain, Victor likes his drive. But, if he can’t work with Audra, the deal’s off the table. Kyle caves – and as soon as Victor leaves, he sends Audra a text to say that he’s accepted Victor’s offer. Audra replies – ‘time to stir things up, partner’.