Thursday, June 27th, 2024

Mom? Mom? Mariah knocks then lets herself in. In a daze, Sharon states the obvious – I didn’t hear you come in.

At Jabot, Diane’s sorry. Kyle’s left before, Jack hopes he’ll come back. Diane had no choice but to fire their son.

In the park, Kyle grumbles about Audra being a few minutes late. She reminds him that he said ‘no way in hell’ he’d work with her. Has hell frozen over?

Sharon admits that her mind’s been wandering – but she’s all good. With a goofy smile, she asks Mariah if she and Nick told Faith too much (of their love story)

On the CL’s patio, Lucy tells Faith that she’s looking forward to college – for the parties and sororities etc. She’s sorry to hear that Faith just broke up with her boyfriend and surprised to hear that she doesn’t drink (the last Faith drank she almost died)

Kyle complains about his inexperienced and insecure Mom – he’s ready for a change. We know everything there is to know about each other. And then some, Audra quips. Healthy, mutual distrust will keep us on our toes, Kyle’s ready to roll the dice and see what happens.

It’s the perfect solution, Sally looks at the tablet Chloe’s handed her – she hopes Summer makes her decision soon. On cue, Summer sends Sally a text – maybe she’s coming around. Chloe doubts it.

Kyle and Audra rehash screwing each other over. He’s impressed that she beat Tucker. Audra can’t believe she ever thought he was a mastermind. As for Kyle, stay in your lane and we’ll be fine. You’re getting what you wanted all along – retaliation against the family who doesn’t appreciate you.

Diane cites Kyle’s insubordination and lack of respect. She loved the idea of working with her husband and son; a dream come true that’s turned into a nightmare. Jack concludes that Kyle has some maturing to do.

Kyle complains that his Mom’s power hungry; and his Dad blindly enables her. He wonders what Victor’s up to. Audra doesn’t know – he wants his name kept out of it. Tucker thought Jack was her backer – aren’t you worried about competing with Jabot? No, Kyle couldn’t be more excited.