Thursday, June 27th, 2024

Prattling on about Aria, Mariah quickly realizes that her Mom’s ‘zoned out’ again. Sharon agrees to come along for a picnic in the park. Aria-time is exactly what I need.

Faith tells Lucy that she made some bad choices – got drunk – stole a truck, crashed it. She’d have died if her Uncle Adam didn’t donate one of his kidneys. No, she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on the fun. Lucy’s left disappointed when Faith gets a text and hurries off to meet her friends.

Now at the club’s bar, Kyle looks forward to Glacade beating Jabot. This might work out after all, Audra decides. Arriving with Sally and Chloe, Summer sneers at Kyle and Audra – my ex is acting like an idiot – again.

After Summer passes them with a sneer, Audra tells Kyle that she’s not worried about Tucker. She’ll have legal do up a contract. Ready to get to work, Kyle abruptly leaves.

Summer appreciates Chloe reeling herself in and toning down her input regarding a design they’re discussing. Wearing Marchetti to this meeting is a nice touch – but you don’t have to suck up to me. Summer’s made her decision.

After Sharon wheels Aria off to see the ducks, Mariah tells Tessa that her Mom was ‘out of it’ earlier. She’s probably exhausted running Cassidy First and CL’s, Tessa assumes.

Diane explains the need to find another COO and someone to fill in for Ashley. Jack balks – she’s not easily replaced and will be back soon stronger than ever. He’s ‘depressed’ by the lack of family working in the family business. Diane suggests Ally could step in. Returning to his Dad’s office, Kyle’s unimpressed to find his Mom giving his Dad a weepy hug.

Finally able to get a word in, Summer surprises Chloe – she’s willing to give her a chance. Barely listening to Sally’s progress report on the winter line, Summer rushes over to Audra at the revolving door. What’s going on with Kyle? she demands to know.

Co CEO’s hugging it out – business as usual, Kyle oozes sarcasm. He’s just there to clean out his office. Your Mom’s probably willing to reconsider if you’ll change your attitude, Jack rubs his son the wrong way. When Kyle claims that his attitude is just fine, Diane suspects he’s already found another job.

Aria asleep in her stroller, Sharon raves about her granddaughter tilting her head just like Cassie used to. Mariah would love to know more about her sister. Claiming that she’s distracted by work, Sharon suddenly has to get back to it. We’ll talk soon, she bolts. Something’s definitely off with her, Mariah’s worried.

What’s going on with me? Sharon comes home to ask herself out loud. She calls her doctor to say that her new meds are making her feel ‘off’.

Kyle will be in his office – packing up. When Jack asks Diane to go smooth things over with Kyle, she wonders if Kyle’s right (about her) No, Jack couldn’t be more impressed with Diane’s work. She feels like she belongs at Jabot. Maybe Kyle needs to find a place where he feels he belongs. Jack wishes his son felt comfortable at Jabot.

You’re quite inquisitive for an ex, Audra calls Summer ‘nosy’. Undeterred, Summer repeats her question – what’s going on with you and Kyle? Audra basically tells Summer that it’s none of her business. Have a nice day, she exits.

Next Week: I guess congratulations are in order, Lily says to Billy. We won, he replies … At the GCAC with Nikki, Jack sighs – it’s tearing me apart. Talk to me (Nikki wants to be there for Jack – the way he was for her) .. Leaning in to Adam for support, Chelsea tilts her head. Next thing you know, they’re kissing.