Friday, June 28th, 2024

On the Abbott front porch, Summer makes a call to postpone a meeting so she can spend some time with Harrison. Walking through the front door, she shares an awkward look with Claire.

In the Paris apartment, Traci fusses over a distraught Abby. Ashley’s made tremendous progress – have hope she’ll soon be good as new.

Billy joins Lily at the office. Devon’s on his way – Jill and Abby will be joining them via videochat. Jill’s concerned that I’m having second thoughts, Lily confides. Billy hopes she doesn’t believe Devon; he’d never use or betray her. Lily will follow through on what needs to be done – that’s a promise.

Hearing that Harrison’s upstairs napping, a disagreeable Summer wonders if the other campers were giving him a hard time. No – all his friends have heard about him being kidnapped and think he’s a hero, Claire then makes things worse by opining that camp is a good place for Harrison right now, Summer huffs – now you’re an expert on summer camp?

Abby can’t believe what her Mom’s been going through – her only daughter didn’t know! ‘Special delivery’ – Alan arrives with a gift for Traci; a gorgeous scarf she admired in a shop’s window they strolled past. It’s now Abby’s turn to empathize with Alan.

Billy has something to announce that will explain his recent actions. He tells Devon that his Mom’s sick.

Invited to join Traci at the bar Alan now considers ‘our place’, Abby smiles knowingly as they leave.

Devon questions the timing of Billy sharing his Mom’s health issues right before the board meeting. Are you trying to get a sympathy vote? Billy doesn’t care how Devon feels about him or his motives. When Jill appears on the big screen, Devon asks how she’s feeling. You told them, didn’t you?! she accuses Billy.

Clutching her new scarf, Traci’s hears that Alan finds closure in the bar Martin met Ashley in. You’ve cleansed the place, he makes Traci laugh. Being with you is reassuring. Enough about me, let’s talk about you, Traci says. What does she wanna know? Everything.

Telling Summer that Harrison’s love for her is as natural as breathing, Claire would hate if Summer thought she was interfering with that. When Kyle comes home to ask if everything’s OK, Summer will be the one to go check on Harrison (not Claire – who’s left to sadly conclude that Summer will never be comfortable with her being in Harrison’s life)