Monday, July 1st, 2024

Kyle lays out Victor’s plan – he’s surprised Audra doesn’t get it – Victor bought a cosmetics company to rival Jabot – then ‘lured’ him away from his family’s business to make him co-CEO of Glacade. Victor’s up to something, but no, Kyle doesn’t care. He wants Glacade to succeed. If that’s at Jabot’s expense, so be it.

Diane’s no stranger to the long-standing war between Victor and Jack. Right before firing Mike, Diane recalls how furious Victor was at Jack – that him ODing was a massive betrayal. He was trying to stir up trouble between you and Jack! Sherlock Holmes has cracked the case.

Jack tells Nikki that Kyle’s ‘telling the whole world’ that he should be co-CEO, not Diane. He wishes he’d intervened before it got to this. Kyle has a new job. Where?! for some reason, Nikki’s astonished.

At Society, Kyle tells Claire that Summer wants to revisit their custody agreement. No, it’s not because Claire’s Harrison’s nanny – she doesn’t like him going into business with Audra. Claire remembers her as a ‘powerhouse’ – she didn’t trust me, with good reason. Kyle’s working with Audra because his Mom fired him. Claire’s advice? Revenge is never worth it.

Back at the tackhouse, Vikki questions Kyle’s agenda – custody battles can get ugly – and Summer never wanted Claire to be Harrison’s nanny. This is all so new to Claire, Vikki feels protective. She was so happy – let’s let her enjoy this dinner with a friend free of worries or strife, Cole suggests.

Claiming that his Mom fired him for rescuing a deal she was about to botch, Kyle’s excited to show the world what he can achieve when not being held back by good ole Mom and Dad.

Diane hates to admit it but Victor was right; she did feel betrayed by the risk Jack took for Nikki. Diane finally reminds Mike that he’s supposed to be loyal to Victor. Mike cares about his friend, Diane – he doesn’t want her caught in another war between Jack and Victor (who appears on cue)

By all means, join us, Diane’s sarcastic. Victor’s not surprised that Kyle left Jabot – he felt constrained by his parents. Diane’s not looking for a fight, Mike scolds. Victor blames Jack for demoting his son in favour of his unqualified wife. You hate me as much as you hate Jack – why are you pretending to defend me? Diane asks.

In the moment, he believed that Diane had pushed Kyle out but worries if he also feels ousted from the family. Nikki’s sure he’ll find a way to bring his family together – it’s who you are?

Meanwhile, over expensive champagne, Claire confides that she doesn’t really drink – Jordan forbade it. To new chapters, she clinks Kyle’s glass and takes a sip. Mmmmm. Bubbly. One seltzer and lime coming up, Kyle chuckles.

Victor doesn’t like Diane – but he loathes Jack. You’ll both end up alone, he cackles. Ordered to the ranch, Mike lingers to praise Diane for not exploding or throwing him (Mike) under the bus. See what you can find out at the ranch – Diane will go warn Jack.

Outside Society, Claire and Kyle would both like to do this again. He watches her leave with a goofy smile on his face.

Vikki waits impatiently for Claire to come home. Cole thinks it sweet – our daughter is sweet and safe ~hug~

Diane comes him with news. She tells Jack that she was having an interesting talk with Mike when Victor joined them and started talking about Kyle leaving Jabot. Kyle wouldn’t dare …. When Kyle comes home, Jack pounces – what are up you to with Victor Newman???