Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024

Audra joins Nate at the club’s bar – she hates to see him drinking all alone.

Summer joins Chance at Society to rant about Kyle and his bad choices before finally asking what’s up with him. Chance got some news Summer won’t believe.

Here you are. Yes, Billy did follow Lily (to CL’s) We’re supposed to be celebrating – we won. Lily doesn’t look like a winner.

Diane and Jack interrogate Kyle – did Victor offer you a job at Newman!?

Me – working for Newman – interesting – it’d be a good fit. Kyle knows Victor would appreciate his skills more than some other people. He’s considering several offers; jobs are plentiful for someone with his expertise. It’s none of your business. You yanked away my birthright. Whatever Victor’s offering you – it isn’t worth it. Kyle’s insulted and furious.

The press release will come out tomorrow. You’ve finally got what you always wanted, Nate’s happy for Audra. You’re tough but a decent person. Tearing up briefly over Tucker, Audra now has drive, energy and a whole new future.

Swearing Summer to secrecy, Chance confides that Chancellor Winters will be un-merged. Devon’s taking the Winters divisions, Billy will run Abbott-Chancellor with Lily. But wait, there’s more. Chance has been offered the COO position.

Jack and Diane vehemently oppose Kyle working with Victor. You’re a brilliant businessman. You were let go because of your insubordination, not your expertise, Diane points out. Kyle doesn’t want his parents ‘looking out’ for him – and his Mom doesn’t get to reclaim the years she chose to stay away.

Chance has mixed feelings. He’s honoured that Billy has such confidence in him but Jill doesn’t support the de-merger, so how can he? Something’s off.

Jill’s ‘risk adverse’ because of what she’s going through – she’ll come around, Billy’s sure. Has Jill’s position changed how Lily feels? Yes, it may have changed everything.