Monday, July 1st, 2024

Happy to run into Nikki at the club, Jack hopes her new sponsor is giving her all the support she needs. Nikki’s smile fades.

Over lattes at CL’s, Diane tells Mike that she fired Kyle – it sounds like he has another job already. Mike has a hunch, Victor’s involved.

You two are adorable, Claire’s amused by her parents enjoying their tea-time like proper Brits. Claire won’t be able to join them for dinner – she has plans with Kyle. In keeping with the British theme, Vikki’s gobsmacked.

Audra and Kyle have summoned Victor to the park to announce that they’re working together and ready to announce as much to the press. Victor’s glad to hear it but wants his name kept out of it.

No, it’s not a date – Claire over heard Kyle and Summer mention lawyers (he probably wants to talk to her about that) Don’t worry, Claire leaves Cole to correctly guess that Vikki will ‘absolutely’ worry.

Kyle’s having a hard time believing Victor’s just doing them a kind gesture.

Nikki’s decided not to find a sponsor until her intense out-patient treatment is over. Jack’s happy to hear that she’s feeling strong enough to go back to Newman Media. Complaining about Victor being overprotective, Nikki’s sorry for issues she caused between Jack and Diane.

Mike explains why he thinks Victor’s involved. Yes, Diane saw him firing Mike but is stunned to hear that he was given an assignment – rekindle their friendship. Diane furious – is THIS why Mike asked her to meet him!?

Mike would NEVER help Victor ‘attack’Diane. He doesn’t think she’s the target. Cole was tasked with befriending Kyle. What’s the common denominator? Diane finally clues in – Jack.

Diane wasn’t just angry, she was furious, Jack admits – but it was his decision not to be Nikki’s sponsor. There’s also Diane vs. Kyle. Talk to me (Nikki wants to be there for Jack the way he was for her)

Though Audra clearly doesn’t want Kyle to question Victor, he (Victor admires Kyle’active mind’ – but focus on the business at hand. I expect great things from you, he leaves Audra to blast Kyle – are you trying to insult your way out of a job?! Oh, Kyle’s not going anywhere – he and Victor go wayyy back.