Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024

Chance gets the feeling that Billy’s using an unfortunate situation for his own benefit. Sorry, he can’t say more – he gave his word. Summer wonders what Billy’s end game is. Chance thinks he’s being driven by ‘blind ambition’.

Nate always knew Audra was meant for great things – she’s beautiful and driven. Tucker’s a con man – you don’t need him to accomplish your goals. You deserve a celebration – how about it?

An emotional Diane regrets staying away for so many years. Kyle sees her as the same cold-hearted woman who’s able to cut him off when it suits her. That’s a low blow, Jack warns Kyle not to say things he’ll regret. I’ve had it – MY career, MY decisions are no longer your concern. After Kyle stomps upstairs to check on Harrison, Jack consoles Diane – and asks what Mike said that leads her to suspect Victor.

Diane relays her conversation with Mike and how Victor tried to make her jealous about Jack spending the night with Nikki in a hotel room. Plus, he’s asked Cole to befriend Kyle. Do you really think Kyle’s mad enough to team up with Victor? Jack’s astonished.

Chance would feel better about all this if Jill was onboard. Maybe Billy’s trying to buy my loyalty. Summer’s surprised Lily’s chosen to stay at Chancellor instead of leaving with Devon and Nate.

Lily needs time to think – without Billy pressuring her. He follows her onto the patio – you’re scaring me a bit. Lily admits she’s thinking of leaving the company.

Chance isn’t in the celebratory mood – he doesn’t think the friction at CW will ever end.

Maybe Devon’s right – you don’t need me. Billy wonders why Lily’s now talking about walking away. Have you been playing me this entire time?

Over champagne. Nate’s not at liberty to tell Audra what’s going on at CW – there’ll be a press release very soon. Before he’ll reveal his secrets, Nate wants to Audra’s; who’s the mystery investor? Here’s to the sky really being the limit for both of us, they toast.

Jack and Diane have to consider the possibility that Kyle’s been lured to the dark side – again. ON cue, he comes down to announce that he’s moving out – so Harrison won’t be subjected to all this tension.

At the bottom of the staircase, Audra thanks Nate for a lovely celebration. She’s free of the past and focused on the next best thing. Tempting as it is, Audra’s not inviting Nate up for a nightcap but gives him a kiss that leaves him salivating as he watches her walk upstairs.

Billy puts the pieces together – you and Devon want me out. Once the companies are no longer merged, you kick me to the curb. You sound delusional, Lily accuses. Billy brings up an interaction between her and Devon at the board meeting. I just need time to think, she marches out. Enter Chance (and Summer) Is she OK? Yes, she’s fine – everything’s fine, Billy lies.

Now seated at CL’s, Summer tells Chance that Kyle made her so mad – she wants to keep things civil and not cause more turmoil for Harrison.

Jack and Diane try to talk Kyle out of moving out. This is about what *I* want. We all love each other. Diane and Jack plead – we can get through this. Things are about to get worse, he says cryptically. A frustrated Jack decides to get answers from ‘The Mustache’ himself – so sends Victor a text demanding they meet ASAP.