Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024

Running into one another at CL’s, Billy and Sally are both worried about their partners. Perhaps no news from Baltimore is a good thing, Sally’s optimistic. Or not, Billy frowns.

Unable to sleep, Adam drops by Chelsea’s suite with a bottle of booze. Nightcap?

Jack slams into Victor’s office – stay away from my son!

Back at the house, Diane pleads with Kyle – please don’t take Harrison away from the family who loves him. How dare you use my son against me, Kyle’s livid.

Over drinks, Adam and Chelsea marvel at how they created such a great kid. If Adam can’t help his son, he’ll help his Mom – by sharing his bourbon. Don’t blame yourself. But that’s my super power, Chelsea tears up. They toast to loving the hell out of their kid.

Diane wants what’s best for her grandson. All this secrecy about your new job, taking Harrison away – you’re punishing me, she accuses Kyle. He won’t let his Mom play the victim – HE was the who’s fired.

It’s not Victor’s fault that Jack’s son hates him – get out. Come at ME, Jack bellows – ONLY me – stay away from my wife and son!!!

Victor and Jack argue about Nikki. Are you on pills right now!? No, Jack’s deadly sober. Come after me and me alone or there’ll be hell to pay! When I retaliate you won’t see it coming, Victor warns. He’s left to smirk as Jack spouts off to Nick at the elevator. Your Dad’s playing games with Kyle, he tattles.

Kyle’s in no mood to forgive his Mom. He’d rather taunt her about his new mystery job. You’ll know where I’m working when I decide to let you know. What’s going on here? Jack arrives. Did you go see Victor? Didya set him straight? Kyle sneers.

What’s going on with Jack? And what does it have to do with Kyle? Nick asks his Dad. Jack’s as protective of his family as you are, he warns.

Victor’s always appreciated my business acumen, Kyle gives his Dad an ultimatum – fire Mom and give me the job I deserve – right now.