Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024

Still at CL’s, Sally and Billy talk about Connor’s OCD and their fantastic jobs. Sally feels bad for taking advantage of Chelsea’s situation. No, Billy’s glad Sally’s enabling Chelsea to focus on Connor.

Oh look – Chelsea’s a sloppy drunk and it’s time for her and Adam to share a sloppy kiss.

Diane calls Kyle selfish for trying to make his Dad choose between them. No, Kyle wants what’s best for the family and Jabot. Don’t you want Harrison to grow up right here with his loving grandparents? Diane’s NOT impressed by Jack’s hesitation. I’ll let you keep your parking spot, Kyle mocks. As much as Jack loves his son, he won’t reward his bad behavior.

Over drinks at Society, Victor asks Nick about Sally giving up her interior design business – he’s sorry it failed. Yes, he still plans to have Adam replace Nikki at Newman Media. Connor’s taken a turn for the worse; it’s tough on Adam, Victor adds.

Adam and Chelsea can’t get their clothes off fast enough.

Back at CL’s, Sally really wants to be there for Adam, physically. Billy can relate. You have access to a jet – let’s go surprise Adam and Chelsea (who’re tumbling around in bed)

Diane wonders if Jack resents her for firing Kyle. He understands that she had no choice and only hesitated because he didn’t know how to react to Kyle’s outrageous demand. We must find a way to fix it. Jack does see a way forward – but it depends on you.

Victor prays for Connor; what he’s battling puts our squabbles into perspective. Moments of crisis makes us stronger. Adam needs us. Yes, that’s why Victor wants him back at Newman Media. Mom needs something to focus on too, Nick points out.

Jack doesn’t want Diane to resign – he wants her to approach Kyle; Mother to son. You’re right – it’s up to me. Diane’s already lost so much time with Kyle; she won’t lose my son again ~hug~

Jack relays Victor’s warning – if he chooses retaliation, I won’t see it coming. Maybe this is his revenge, Diane considers – turning Kyle against us.

Nick can’t shake the feeling that there’s more at play here. Kyle comes over to comment that family’s more trouble than it’s worth – then leaves Victor to say that he needs his son’t allegiance. You’re gonna do whatever you want anyway, Nick grins – good night. After he leaves, Victor summons Kyle over – why did you tell your Dad that we’re colluding against him?

Billy’s tempted to go surprise Chelsea and Adam but it’d be a distraction – he doesn’t want to add to their stress. Both have enjoyed talking to someone who understands. We’re connected through our love for Connor. Adam’s lucky to have you, Billy smiles.

In bed, Chelsea rolls away from Adam. He looks terrified – she looks horrified.