Thursday, July 4th, 2024

Phyllis and Summer invite Nick to join them at CL’s, Summer has bigger issues to worry about – her ex husband.

Victor’s not worried about Jack coming at him – he IS worried about disloyalty among people who work for him.

Facing away from one another on the bed, Adam and Chelsea button up.

Summer doesn’t need her parents to beat Kyle up – he keeps making bad decisions. Scary Poppins? Phyllis quips. No, Kyle’s involved with Audra again. She’s bad news. A drink? That’s it? Why do you care? Nick asks, Phyllis echoes. You might be searching for trouble. Is there more going on? Yes – but she’s not supposed to say.

Now dressed and seated as far apart on the bed as they can be, Adam asks if she wants to talk about it. Chelsea’s not sure she can.

Kyle swears loyalty to Victor – he’s accepted his terms – why would he blow it up now? Diane confronted him – she and Jack suspect Victor’s offered him a job. He has NO allegiance to his parents – building a cosmetics company from the ground up. No way he’d betray Victor’s confidence. But, there is something you should know. Jack won’t drop it. Victor just needs to know that he can trust Kyle.

Adam and Chelsea blame the emotional roller coaster they’ve been on together – we let our emotions get out of control – we needed to reconnect with the feelings of light and love we had back then. It was a mistake, Adam concludes (Chelsea doesn’t seem so sure)

Summer spills the tea – Diane fired Kyle; he’s now working with Audra on a rival cosmetics company. Wait, where did Audra get her own cosmetics company? That’s a bigger mystery.

Kyle hands Victor a plan he and Audra came up with to streamline Glacade with the companies Tucker acquired. Jack will NOT see this coming. My Father’s right that this is an attack on him, right?

Adam and Chelsea continue to make sense – we both needed that. It doesn’t change our commitments to Billy and Sally. Of course not. Chelsea seems to be striving for other answers.