Thursday, July 4th, 2024

If Kyle sees this as an opportunity to blow his Dad and Jabot out of the water, go for it. Victor just wants Glacade to be a success. Exchanging a dew words with Claire on his way out, Victor pauses to watch her chat with Kyle.

Sure that Tucker will be coming after Audra and therefor Kyle, plus Kyle’s battle with his parents, Summer thinks Harrison should spend more time with her. You want to take Harrison away from Kyle???

Summer doesn’t want to take Harrison away from Kyle and has changed her mind on retaining a lawyer. She hopes they can work this out between them but must do something to make his time with her more official. With that in mind, she’s buying a home with a yard. Sarcastically thanking her parents for her advice, Summer marches out.

You should probably go back to your room, Chelsea shows Adam out. With the door between them, it seems the tryst was about more than letting off steam.

Kyle informs Claire that he and Harrison will be moving to a new home.

Summer drops by to peek in on Harrison. Before she goes up, Diane needs her help with something.

Phyllis thinks Summer blames herself for Harrison’s kidnapping – if she hadn’t divorced Kyle, maybe she’d have been at the house to protect him. In turn, Phyllis carries her own guilt – blames herself for Summer divorcing Kyle – and all her issues with Diane.

Summer tries to escape helping Diane – she’s not comfortable with it. Diane doesn’t know who else can get through to Kyle – moving out isn’t good for Harrison. What? Kyle didn’t tell you?

Kyle’s already talked to Harrison about moving out. He’s ready to start packing. Claire has to ask – are you punishing your parents for firing you? Claire isn’t sure uprooting Harrison’s the answer.

In bed, Chelsea leaves Billy a message – maybe she should come home and wait for news there. If there’s no news in the morning, she can’t wait in limbo any longer.

Meanwhile, Adam’s leaving a message for Sally – it’s torture staying here. I need to be with you. If there’s no news tomorrow, he’s coming home.

Kyle talks to Claire about why he’s moving. He doesn’t know what Summer thinks – he hasn’t told her.

Phyllis thanks Nick for not fighting her on custody of Supergirl. Why would he? You’re an amazing Mom. Something’s going on with her that’s pushing her to the extreme, Phyllis worries.

Diane had no choice but to fire Kyle. He’s not planning on taking Harrison out of GC is he? Summer’s astounded – how could you let this happen.

In their own beds, Chelsea and Adam end their messages with ‘I miss you’ but it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to sleep any time soon.

Next Week: Traci’s surprised when Danny and Chris visit her in Paris …. Summer tells Kyle that he’s deluded if he thinks she’ll let him take Harrison away from her…. What are you doing in here!? Victor finds Jack in his office. I warned you, my family is off limits! Jack shouts back.