Friday, July 5th, 2024

When Jack calls, Traci tells him how well Ashley’s doing. She has hope and looks forward to the opportunities ahead for all of them.

Phyllis believes Summer’s thinking about going after custody of Harrison. She has great intuition – Kyle might be going down a slippery slope. Now it’s time she and Nick go somewhere else to discuss it further.

At Society, Daniel and Kyle’s chat starts off friendly enough. One fired by his ex, the other by his mom. When one door closes another opens – nice and wide, Kyle clinks Daniel’s beer glass.

No, Victor didn’t follow Claire to CL’s but he would like to talk to her.

Fun fact; Claire thought eclairs were named after her. No, she wasn’t on a date with Kyle – she’d never cross that line. We did have dinner and a drink – did I do something wrong? she asks Victor.

Daniel understands why Summer’s concerned. Kyle warns that she better not come after him for custody or things could blow up badly for her.

Jack doesn’t want to ruin his sister’s glow – Paris suits you. Giggling like a schoolgirl, Traci admits that she’s been spending a lot of time with Alan. Ending the call with I love you’s, she’s delighted by a surprise visit from Danny and Chris.

Chris and Danny have been having so much fun. Join us for breakfast? Alan arrives to admit he’s a little starstruck. He’d love to go out for breakfast and hear stories of when Traci sang with the band.

Summer just wants to spend more time with Harrison, Daniel reassures. No, she’s lashing out at me through my son – she’s pissed that I hired Claire and that Harrison thinks she’s the greatest, Kyle’s sure.

Kyle knows I’m a safe person to talk to who wouldn’t betray his trust, Claire explains. Victor finds that a bit odd – he barely knows you – you’re his son’s nanny. Grandpa, you can just tell me if you disapprove of me being Kyle’s friend.

Now at the GCAC’s bar, Phyllis wants to be hands-on in helping Summer Nick while is more hands-off (let her and Kyle work it out) Both want ‘everything good’ for their daughter.