Friday, July 5th, 2024

Claire has no reason to believe that Kyle’s a threat. He just divorced my other granddaughter, Victor doesn’t want Claire involved in Kyle’s ‘turmoil’.

Daniel and Kyle butt heads over Summer’s intentions. Instead of defending your sister’s attacks get her to back off before she regrets it, Kyle marches out. Yikes, Tessa appears to say.

In the Parisian bar, Danny and Chris are entertaining visitors. Traci tells them that Ashley’s doing well. With a glance at Alan, she’s optimistic about the future. Me too, Alan looks at Traci.

Back at the GCAC, Phyllis is surprised to hear that Nick and Sharon told Faith everything. Sharon was ‘charitable’ about your role in our break up. Are you done with love? Phyllis asks him.

Phyllis knows the answer – Nick’s a hot Dad with a pulse; you’ll find someone. She’s SO moved on from that loser-singer and feels great about how miserable Chris is on tour with Danny.

When Alan excuses himself to take a call, Danny and Chris are eager for details (and happy for their friend)

Tessa’s Tips; Round Two. If Summer didn’t ask you to fix her life, don’t meddle. It rarely comes out as we’d hope.

Still at CL’s, Claire’s therapist also cautioned her not to take on other people’s problems. Victor never wants anyone to take her for granted again. Claire loves him for that but her friendship with Kyle is nothing to worry about. Victor still worries she’ll get hurt.

Jack comes down – you’re home late. The sweet sound of judgement, Kyle pours himself a drink (which he’ll take to his room) Jack wants to talk – just father and son.

Have you met my family? We don’t do hands-off, Daniel’s family take the trophy for most dysfunctional. Oh really? Did Summer ever ask you for 20K to help repay the people who funded her life on the run? Tessa Tip #3 – don’t take the crown til you know the competition.

Chris and Danny invite Traci and Alan to come to tonight’s concert – but no, she won’t be pulled onstage to sing. If you see someone crowd-surfing during Rock On, it’s me, Alan laughs (then is left to kiss Traci)

Victor has Claire promise that she’ll come to him if she ever has questions. He grew up in an orphanage – family means everything to me. I keep them safe. Claire’s grateful.

Jack thinks hiring Claire was a great idea – what a great parent Kyle is. Ahhh – great parent, lousy heir apparent. Kyle’s going to prove how wrong his Dad and Mom are.

good night, Hot Mom. Good night, Hot Dad. Phyllis looks lonely as she pauses on the staircase after Nick leaves.

Tessa and her sister, Crystal went through some rough times but are OK now – she even came to my wedding, she tells Daniel.

Victor doesn’t dislike Kyle – but he’s Jack’s son, that’s reason enough.

Kyle finally solves the ‘riddle’ – you’re looking at the new head of Glacade; Tucker’s out and I’m in! Glacade will not only give Jabot a run for it’s money – he and Audra will put it out of business. I work for the enemy and there’s nothing you can do to stop it! he leaves Jack in shock.