Monday, July 8th, 2024

At Society, Claire tells her Mom and Grandma that Victor warned her about Kyle. He doesn’t like his Dad very much (understatement of all time)

Diane comes down to hear that Jack didn’t sleep last night. He and Kyle argued – his revolt is a lot worse than we thought.

At the GCAC, Audra’s fielding calls from the press – while Kyle gloats about dropping the bomb on his parents. It’s game on.

Hesitating momentarily, Chelsea hugs Billy at CW. In his arms, she flashes back to her passionate night with Adam.

Welcomed home, Adam’s in Sally’s arms – while remembering being in Chelsea’s.

Kyle and I are just friends; I work for him – yes, Claire told Victor that. Jack’s a good man, Nikki’s advice is to be respectful. Make your own choices, Vikki adds.

Kyle and Audra are ‘back in bed together’ – as co-CEO’s of Glacade. It’s about to hit the press any minute, Jack checks his watch. Does our son hate us this much? Diane’s astounded.

In the park, Audra and Kyle tell Victor that they’ve decided the best way to relocate Glacade is for her to go take care of things in Paris. Kyle will get the ball rolling here in GC.

Adam has an uncomfortable conversation with his supportive girlfriend. Sally hopes he and Chelsea were able to comfort one another.

Chelsea has a similar conversation with Billy at CW.

At Jabot, Jack and Diane wonder why Kyle would team up with Audra again – maybe she’s not the one calling the shots. Who is? Victor Newman.

Victor sends Kyle ahead to look at the new offices while Audra stays for a chat. She’s warned that Kyle doesn’t think two CEO’s are needed.

No, Claire’s not surprised by the breaking news her Mom and Grandmother read on their phones.