Monday, July 8th, 2024

Diane blames Jack; saving Nikki is why Victor’s coming after us. After she apologizes, Jack leaves to pay Victor a visit.

Kyle stops by the Newman ladies table for a few words before taking Claire aside (supposedly to discuss Harrison) At the bar, he thanks Claire for her discretion. She blabs that Victor warned her to be careful of him.

Back in the park, Victor tells Audra that while she’s in Paris, he’ll keep an eye on things in GC (meaning Kyle)

Audra will watch her back – she never trusts anyone 100%. Does Victor trust Kyle? He’s ambitious and motivated to make Glacade a success. But, Victor doesn’t trust anyone – he always hedges his bets.

Kyle’s puzzled that Victor would warn Claire about him. They agree it might be about his new job. He’s happy to hear she isn’t thinking of quitting. Audra appears to make snide remarks to Claire (who quips – I hope you two don’t have to fight over the corner office) Outside, Kyle has something to take care of – he’ll meet her at the office.

Is everything OK between you and Chelsea? Sally causes him to again flashback. Are you fighting again? I won’t judge. Connor needs both of you pulling for him.

Billy’s equally oblivious – you’ll do everything in your power to be there for your son. Let’s go get some breakfast ~hug~

Now seated at the club, Billy updates Chelsea on how things are going between his kids and Claire. Katie’s being ‘prickly’ but she’ll come around. With a ten second look at the menu, Chelsea decides she’s more tired than hungry. Billy hope she’ll want him around forever.

Adam declares Sally so patient and generous. We’ve been through a lot – we’ll get through this too, she’s sure.

Kyle stops by Jabot to gloat to his Mom. Glacade has young, dynamic leadership. Jabot’s dated – you’d know that if you listened to any of my suggestions. Diane loves Kyle more than anything in this world but is so angry at him. This is breaking your father’s heart, and mine.

Victor finds Jack in his office. I warned you! My family’s off limits! Jack shouts.

As Claire returns, Vikki’s talking to her Mom about the possibility of her officially changing her last name to Newman. Claire looks ecstatic about it.

Most parents what their children to succeed, Kyle whines. Stop this nonsense – I can’t condone it. This isn’t who you are – you’re better than this. Kyle will prove his worth by beating his Mom and Dad at their own game. Our love is unconditional. It seems pretty conditional to Kyle – tell Dad I stopped by.

Leave my family out of this, Jack knows exactly what Victor’s doing. You’ll pay for this! Face the truth, Victor growls – you’re a lousy father; live with the consequences of that!