Monday, June 22nd

A frantic Avery summons Dylan yet again (but, as requested, calls the police the next time) ... Nick wonders if Sharon's pregnant. She does have a pregnancy test, and later tells Dylan they're having a baby (which he considers good news) ... Victor, Phyllis and Ashley have a surprisingly boring chat ... Lauren signs the divorce papers .... Having 'evidence' that Cane's cheating, Lily doesn't have to work hard to seduce Joe. Read more

Friday, June 19th

Sure her gramps is innocent, Summer lashes out at Yack, Kyle , Phyllis and Paul ... Victor tells Vikki to leave it to him - assigns bodyguards to his family, then tells Yack to watch himself or get killed ... Ashley and Phyllis compare notes on this new Yack ... Jack and Marisa turn the tables on the thug Marco sent. Get us off this island!! he demands (after making the thug call Marco to say he's dead) Read more

Thursday, June 18th

Well... Happy Father's Day... The Newman's gather at the club. Reluctantly joining them, Nikki's the one to question Victor's sudden urge to take his entire family on a vacation ... Also at the club, Phyllis and Kyle are pissed at Yack (who's unsettled by a call from Marisa but thrilled when Victor's arrested for embezzlement.... Chris accepts Nikki's apology. Read more

Wednesday, June 17th

Things get even more tense between Victor and Yack (who pulls the trigger but the gun is empty) ... He calms Phyllis down and tells her that Victor may kill him... After a run in with Nikki, Victor tells Neil that Jack may try to kill him .... When Dylan runs to Avery's rescue, then interrogates Joe, Sharon goes to Avery's (as Joe stops drinking with Lily and drops by to say he wasn't there earlier) ... Mariah puts Dylan on notice... Nikki apologizes to Paul. Read more

Tuesday, June 16th

'Gabe's' claim to be Jack's son, shocks Billy, Ashley - and Chelsea (who tells him to get the hell out) .... Badgered by Abby and Vikki, Billy drops the bomb on them .... Yack tells Phyllis some half truths - he loved a woman named Manuela ... Jack lays injured as Marisa goes for help .... Victor's not intimidated by Yack - even with his own gun aimed at him! Read more

Monday, June 15th

Yack blows up at Kyle then admits to a furious Phyllis that 'M' is someone he once loved .... Victor continues to watch and plot .... Devon talks Hilary into the wedding she 'deserves' ... Lily slaps Mike - twice .... After a run in with Joe (what are the odds?) Avery hears a noise in her apartment. Why call 911 when you have Dylan on speed dial? Read more

Friday, June 12th

Summer and Phyllis continue to grow suspicious - so question Yack and Kyle... Ashley's reluctantly on-board with Yack's plan ... Phyllis reads a text on Yack's phone... Vikki and Billy's game of I Spy continues ... Sage is moving in with Nick - so Dylan agrees to move in with Sharon. What could possibly go wrong? Read more

Thursday, June 11th

Yack lays out his plan to team Abbott - then pisses Victor off with the news that Jack is dead ... Billy and Vikki play one another .... Victor's set up a house for Sage, but Nick wants her to move in with him. Read more

Wednesday, June 10th

Lily and Cane have it out ... Lauren doesn't even know Mike anymore ... Avery's staying in town - but will she or won't she seek revenge against Joe? ... Sharon's relieved when Dylan comes home to her .. Read more

Tuesday, June 9th

Ashley's loved ones gather as she undergoes brain surgery... Yack tells Kyle and Billy that he plans to overthrow Victor (who's suspicious) ... As everyone searches for Avery, she turns up to say good bye to Dylan (which angers Sharon) .... Jack blows up the boat (and likely escapes with Marissa) Read more