Monday, June 8th

Ashley's reluctant to have a brain aneurysm treated.... Yack enlists Kyle to unwittingly wire money to the Captain ... Marissa pleads for her life... Avery disappearance puts everyone in a tailspin; Sharon's insecure - and Dylan punches Joe. Read more

Friday, June 5th

Ben goes to Dr Shelby re: Ashley's health ... Paul blasts Mariah for her post, then calls a press conference to lure the killer out ... Flashing back to Joe slapping her, Avery throws him out ... Mike and Lauren confront one another (he saw the kiss) ... Lily now has reason to be suspicious. Read more

Thursday, June 4th

Is Ashley sick or just itchy? .... Yack threatens Victor - then is sent confirmation (via photo) that Jack is being ransomed off (with Marissa) .... Busted, Joe will blackmail Avery into bed ... Devon proposes to HIlary..... Neil's pissed.... Lily goes off on Cane and Lauren (who then end up at the park - kissing) ... Nikki tells Victor that she intends to start a new life without him. Read more

Wednesday, June 3rd

Joe gets busted .... The gang are asked to do a documentary - but Kevin's the only one who thinks it'll push the cops into finding the real killer.... Mariah admits she replied to Kevin's post .... Recovering, Sage gets a visit from Chelsea - then Adam (but maintains the baby is Nick's) .... Dylan hires Sharon. Read more

Tuesday, June 2nd

Adam's concern over Sage's baby causes suspicion (she's OK - the baby is wait and see) ... With Kevin slated to spend the night in jail, the killer responds to his post on GC Buzz... Marissa tells Jack/Marco that it's too late - he's being sold to the highest bidder (of his many enemies) Read more

Monday, June 1st

The only one convinced the killer's still out there, Kevin finds himself arrested... Harding's back - and 'quietly' investigating Kevin's suspicions .... Mariah accidentally tells Kyle and Summer that she loves Kevin ... Overnight at her Mom's, Faith wonders when she and Dylan will have a baby ... Uh oh - Sage needs an emergency appendectomy ... Signing divorce papers, Neil has revenge on his mind ... Victor's not happy to hear that he's not on Nikki's visitor list. Read more

Friday, May 29th

Thanks to Dylan's, Faith's one night a week at Sharon's is approved (not approving? Avery) .... Yack informs Victor that Jack is Gabe's Father... Adam's worried about what exactly Victor knows ... Jack has help on the ship; Marissa (Marco's one true love) Read more

Thursday, May 28th

Jack's out of the fying pan - and into the fire ... Yack learns who Gabe is ... Adam continues to woo Chelsea ... What mediction is Ashley taking? And how much more awkward can things be between her, Abby and Ben. Read more

Tuesday, May 26th

Both Neil and Nikki are surprised to find the drunk guy in Nikki's bed. Now it's intervention time .... Phyllis tries to persuade Avery to drop Joe and go back to Dylan .... Seems Joe's legs aren't as useless as he's letting on.... Billy warns Sage. Read more