Tuesday, December 16th

Lily’s suspicions are that Dad’s struggling. He’s not OK. Hilary and Devon think he’s coping. He’s one drink away from giving in, Lily insists – does that sound like coping to you? Still up in the office, Neil pulls his sober chip from his pocket and clenches it in his fist.
Lauren and Mike are now calm. But Mike still wants to fight this alone. Lauren will fight cancer – will kick cancer’s ass. Mike must beat this. Beat what? Fen appears.

Fen hugs his parents; what were you talking about? Sounded intense. A case, Mike lies (Lauren remains silent, then changes the subject – let’s hear about Fen? He’s been partying, studying. No – no drugs. He’s suspicious when his parents try to bump up his skiing trip to Canada.

Sage has taken risks too – lying to Constance, harbouring a fugitive. Adam’s sure no one recognized him. He even fooled his smug old man.

Chelsea explains that Billy’s managing to not react to mention of Adam (so she must do the same re: Vikki) But Adam’s dead and Vikki’s not, Anita points out. He’s not going back to her, Chelsea’s sure. Anita’s not so sure.

Neil’s not far from losing his sobriety, Lily tells Devon and Hilary – he needs our support. Hilary goes up to the office to talk to him. That leaves Lily to ask Devon why he’d invite Hilary up to his private suite.

Back at the station, Nikki and Paul have a date – and will talk later about a guest list. Heeeeyyy, you’re still here, Chris returns. Nikki takes the hint; but first, more talk and praise for Ian not getting the better of them.

Of course Fen’s parents aren’t trying to get rid of him – it’s just that he’s had such a hard few years. Yeah – Fen’s grateful he hasn’t been thrown any curve-balls lately. Hard to imagine a worse Christmas than last year (a murder charge over his head)

Devon just wanted to ask Hilary what to get Gwen for Christmas. Lily worries Devon might get hurt. He won’t – he’s as happy as he’s ever been because of the woman in is life. Devon’s not convincing (Lily’s not convinced)

Hilary joins Neil in the office – why didn’t he tell her he’s been tempted to drink? Because he’s ashamed (because of what happened to her Mom) Hilary’s sorry she wasn’t there for Neil (who wants her to do something for him)

Chelsea and Anita continue to butt heads over whether Billy will go back to Vikki. Anita implies that Chelsea’s building a bridge (the Christening gown)

Sage interrogates Adam on the run in with his Father. The emotions he felt weren’t good. Isn’t the goal to get closer to your family? Yes – but not Victor Newman. Perhaps you should move on – to a new life. Don’t pretend to be Gabriel, BE him. No – that’ll never happen, Adam vows.

Nikki thought the party would be a nice gift from Dylan’s parents, Paul won’t if it bothers Chris. No, she’d never interfere with his relationship with his son. No, she’s not upset that he told Nikki about the baby. He’s excited – hopes he’s a good Father. Oh how lucky we are ~kiss~

Bringing Neil to an AA meeting at GCM, Hilary waits in the hallway. Inside, Nikki takes the podium – a deer in headlights when she spots Neil’s arrival.