Wednesday, December 17th

Bearing gifts, Ben pays Vikki a surprise visit. Both are delighted when Katie gurgles.

At the penthouse, Chelsea ends a call with her lawyer. It had to do with Adam. Some of his assets have been released from probate. It now seems … Real? Billy supplies.

Adam’s not happy when Sage turns up at his suite. What the hell are you doing here? Saving you from yourself, she claims.

Nick will need Noah to work more hours – so he can prepare for the custody battle. But does it need to be a battle? You DO have a choice? Noah doesn’t think Mom unfit – she’s well – Faith needs her Mom. She might hate you for it. Sharon put you up to this, Nick suspects.

Jack doesn’t exactly welcome Sharon with open arms. She tells him what a great job she’s been doing. I need this job – to show the court that I lead a stable and productive life. Jack’s indignant – you want to talk about what’s ‘fair’ and ‘right’? After what YOU did to ME!?

Noah admits his Mom asked him to try reason with Nick (who thinks Noah’s words are coming from Sharon) This is between your Mother and me. She’s using her children to get what she wants. Mariah appears to say ‘by that logic, the person Faith needs protecting from is YOU.

Jack closes his office door to point out what Sharon’s actions cost him – and Summer. Sharon’s deeply sorry – but Jack must know what’s at stake. Diane took Kyle away from you, she reminds. Sharon’s not the same person she was. She has an illness – like Jack has (his addiction to pills) Nick’s not interested in what’s best for Faith – he’s getting back at me. Jack wavers.

On the CL’s patio, Summer greets Fen with a hug. He has a proposition for her.

Billy hopes Chelsea’s OK – she tossed and turned last night. When she brings out a gift bag (the Christening gown), Chelsea claims she’s not worried; Katie will be part of their family – just as Connor and Johnny are.

Adam’s NOT being reckless. And it’s not Constance Sage is worried about – Gabriel is dead. Get over it and move on. Sage is hurt – you don’t know anything about it. If anyone finds out …. Adam can’t abandon his life. There’s another way.

Noah’s right – Nick’s not considering Faith, or Sharon, Mariah calls Nick a hypocrite. You pretended to like me to get dirt on Ian. Nick was looking out for his family. Faith MUST be our priority. He hopes Mariah genuinely cares about Sharon – she’ll need you – and Noah.

Jack did some regretful things while ‘under the influence’. People don’t HAVE to forgive him. We’re responsible for our actions. Sharon then whines that Phyllis firing her was personal. It’s HER division – Jack won’t second guess Phyllis. Wait, he will give Sharon a recommendation (but he can’t forget what she did) Sharon appreciates that.