Tuesday, December 16th

Nikki quietly bows out and sneaks to at seat in the back. She’s brought to tears when Neil speaks; he told his daughter and came to a meeting (instead of drinking) Basically, everything Nikki didn’t do.

In the hallway, Hilary’s on the phone with Devon. She feels horrible; Neil needed her and she was with HIM. As for the private suite, invite Gwen ~click~

Mike and Lauren are fine with Fen flying out to Canada the next morning. After he leaves, Lauren agrees to leave treatment for after the holidays. They’ll face it together ~hug~
Holding a photo of Chelsea, Adam replays his run in with her at the park (but this time she recognizes him) OMG – you came back to us!! ~kiss~ Real-time, Adam grabs his coat and leaves.

Next: I know when someone’s being a hypocrite, and right now, that’s YOU, Mariah has harsh words for Nick …. This is getting to be a habit, Billy’s not happy to find Ben holding Katie (as Vikki squirms) … Who the hell are you? Jack’s alarmed to find nuAdam in his living room.

My Thoughts: What?! Why would Lauren say Carmine’s name? No husband wants to hear his wife utter her former lover’s name. And why would Lauren bring up the vows she broke? If she ‘meant every single one of them’ what happened to ‘foresaking all others’? It was right there with ‘foresaking all others’. At least she didn’t try to excuse her cheating. That said, Mike had forgiven and forgotten. It makes no sense to throw it in Lauren’s face now. He needs to do some research; prostate cancer is VERY treatable. He’s behaving like he’s been told he has 6 months to live … I was about to hand it to Nikki for being the bigger person than the petty Chris – until she asked Paul to co-host the engagement party. Why does she need a co-host? Nikki’s done nothing but plan charity events for the past 10 years. If she can throw huge galas, she can surely manage dinner for all of Dylan and Avery’s family and friends (who are one in the same) One call to the club should take care of everything (it’ll give Kelly something to do) … Where does Anita get all the money to buy Connor so much ‘loot’? When she first came to town, she was a penniless con artist who got a job waitressing at Glowworm …. Oh yeah – Paul’s a great father. Even he admits he ‘bailed’ on the first two .. Hilary and Devon continue to disgust. Take your disgusting booty calls someplace else. I’m not looking forward to busybody Lily being in the right. She’ll be insufferable.