Wednesday, December 17th

Adam plans to establish himself and win Chelsea back – as Gabriel. She’d be falling in love with someone else, Sage says. No, it’s me – the face is different but all the things that drew us together are the same. One day he’ll tell Chelsea – and reclaim his life. It’ll take time and patience – but it’ll be worth it. I WILL be Adam Newman again. But no one will forgive you for running down that poor little girl, Sage warns he’ll go to prison.

Katie napping, Ben starts pulling treats out for Vikki. But before she can get her foot massage, more visitors drop by; Billy and Chelsea. This is getting to be a habit, Billy quips (as Ben holds Katie) Awkward.

Sage tells Adam that he’s living a fantasy. Adam’s sorry – but it was an accident. Because of what Victor put him through, he thinks he deserves ‘this’. But who’d give you a chance? Chelsea’s with Billy. And you have no family. I’m the only person you can trust – the only person you exist for. You owe me. You need me. I’m the only person you can count on. Face reality – Adam is dead. Yes, but the love I have for my son and wife is NOT. Sage better pray this works out (and out he slams)

Every time Billy comes over he finds his kid in the ‘doc’s’ arms. That said, Billy claims to be OK with it. Ben’s no danger to Katie, and his relationship with Vikki is none of his business. He wants Vikki to be happy. Ben appreciates that. Billy’s not done …..

Nick doesn’t want Noah and Mariah to have to pick sides. This is between me and Sharon. But we ARE involved, Mariah talks about forgiveness (and paraphrases Gandhi) She agrees with Noah – wait and see what’s best for Faith. etc. etc. Nick follows their gaze – and turns to see Sharon.

Chelsea said something that got to Billy – we’re building a family together; which includes Katie. He’s so lucky to have Chelsea in his life. Unwrapping the Christening gown, Vikki appreciates the amazing gift – thank you. And as all crowd around the bassinet, Chelsea notices Billy and Vikki sharing a look.

Back on the patio, Fen’s invited Summer and Austin to go skiing with him. She doesn’t know much about her husband’s hobbies – but why is Fen pushing it? Because he’s protective. They’re soon laughing over Fen’s warning to Kyle.

Aside, Noah thanks Mariah. But Gandhi didn’t say ‘forgiveness is huge’. No, that’s Plato Sphere – a fantasy writer. Across the bar, Nick and Sharon can’t be civil for long (mostly his fault) And as they bicker, Sage appears.

Phyllis? I need to talk to you… Red?? There’s no one else here Jack. Who the hell are you? Jack’s stunned to find Adam in his living room.

Visitors gone, Vikki enjoys her foot rub. Seems Ben took a course in reflexology and promises the full body treatment. On cue, Katie wakes up. Vikki watches as Ben tends to her.

Fen tells Summer that it doesn’t matter if she’s a Newman or an Abbott. She then gripes about her Mom treating her like a kid. She’s driving me crazy. At least they care – Fen’s parents couldn’t wait to get rid of him.

When did Nick become so cold? Ripping Faith away from her Mother is the worst thing that could happen to her! an angry Sharon’s pulled away by Mariah (who tells her this isn’t the way – you’re making things worse) Noah has harsh words for his Dad too. Sage appears – yes, she overheard. Nick doesn’t want her to think she saved the life of a total jackass.