Wednesday, December 17th

The stranger in Jack’s living room has something that’s very difficult for him to believe. I DO know you – I know things that no one else does. This is more complicated than a ‘shake down’. Phyllis!? a worried Jack begins to dial the police. Put the phone DOWN Jack (he pauses)

Nick’s being nasty and unfair, but Sharon must toughen up and accept it. After Mariah leaves, Sharon tells Noah that she’ll stop Nick from taking Faith, no matter what it takes. Across the bar, Nick hates what this custody battle’s doing to his kids, but it can’t be helped. Leaving to fetch Faith, Nick tells Sage to ‘come back’.

The ‘old friends’ hug. And after Fen leaves, Summer smiles to herself.

Billy and Chelsea have the penthouse to themselves. She loves him – and what he said at Vikki’s. YOU are the woman I want to be with, but Billy can’t help but think about Delia; she’ll never meet her sister. Or maybe she can, Billy leads her out.

Who are you!? What do you want from me!? It’s me Jack – Adam.

Next: Are you afraid to kiss me? Kevin dangles mistletoe over Mariah’s head … Who are you? What are you doing out here? Billy and Chelsea question Sage (possibly at the roadside tribute to Delia) … Jack punches Adam in the jaw.

My Thoughts: Sharon really pushed her luck today with Jack. He has every right to be furious with her. Why on earth would he go out of his way – go against his fiance – to help Sharon retain custody of her daughter? She acts like having a daughter taken away from her is a fate worse than death. Oh? It is? Then why did you do it to Nick and Jack? The more Sharon goes on about what’s best for Faith, the more I’m reminded of what she did to Summer. Why is Sharon’s daughter so much more important than anyone else’s? It was pitiful that she even went to groveling to Jack. Has she no pride at all? How interesting that SHE created a drug free environment. Is she conducting urine test on the models and photographers? Whatever happened to the Feds breathing down Victor’s neck re: Bonaventure anyway? How can a storyline that involved so many key characters; Victor, Cane, Jill, Colin etc. be dropped? … Well Jack – the one person you most did wrong while ‘under the influence’ can’t forgive you – on account of she died on your rug (then was rolled up in it and dumped in an alley like garbage) I’m sure Adam will remind Jack of that to convince him that he is indeed Adam Newman …. What was up with Summer’s little grin after Fen left? Will Austin have to compete with him and Kyle? It won’t be a shock when Mariah goes after Austin (if for no other reason than to piss Summer off) … At first I thought my TV was off, but no – both Jack and Sharon looked orange in the harsh daylight of the office … Chelsea’s tossing and turning? Maybe it’s the new mattress you bought? I’m sure the one you got rid of was top of the line …. So Nick’s had two conversation with his guardian angel but still hasn’t gotten her name. I don’t see any chemistry between these two (note that as soon as Sharon spotted Nick talking to a woman, she decided to fight him – no matter what it takes) …. Adam’s a big a creep as he always was. Yeah, he looks so full of remorse over Delia’s death .. Right Sage – your life revolves around babysitting a grown man and wheeling an old lady around – and ADAM’S the dilussional one.