Thursday, December 18th

Sage listens as Billy and Chelsea talk about how wonderful Delia was. She always wanted a sister to have tea parties with. Your wish came true, Billy leaves a photo beside Delia’s framed one. Her name is Katherine Rose. Hello? Billy and Chelsea catch Sage as she’s trying to sneak off.

Jack suspects Victor’s behind this (doing what he did to Sharon) Go tell your boss I’m not going to go crazy! I won’t tell you about Jabot’s secret project! I need you to believe me, Adam implores – listen to me. I know things Victor can’t know – Stefanie’s body was right here, on the floor. You were the Father to me Victor never was. I’m Adam Newman. I believe you – Jack slugs him in the jaw.

Jack and Adam shake off their pain. Great right cross, Adam gripes. You deserved it – you blew up. You were the only one in the car with Billy. Adam was unconscious. Billy was gone when he woke up. There was an explosion. He woke up in the river, freezing. Someone pulled me out. I woke up in a hospital bed – at someone’s house. My face was bandaged. There was a woman there. (Flashback to Sage ‘Gabriel. You’re awake. ‘I’m not Gabriel’. I know, she smiles). Gabriel died saving me. Everyone thought I was him – I went with it. But where have you been? How….? I had help, Adam says.

Sage apologizes. She had a flat tire and was looking to call a tow truck. Chelsea offers her cell. No – just point me towards the market. No, I don’t need a ride, she runs off on the puzzled Billy and Chelsea.

Back from getting their second opinion, Lauren’s ready to discuss treatment options. Mike wants another opinion. No need to pick and schedule a treatment option. Why prepare for something that might not happen? Mike gives her a quick kiss.

Santa Paul and Kevin are enjoying a laugh when Fen arrives at CL’s. On the patio, Fen confides that his Dad told him why they’ve been acting weird. Kev’s glad he knows. Mike will need our support to beat this cancer. Cancer?!

Sharon describes love; you can’t think, the way your heart skips a beat – the world doesn’t exist without him in it. Mariah can guess who she’s talking about. Yes, Sharon still loves Nick. One say Mariah will understand the risk. You are lovable. I love you. Mariah says a few touching words too ~hug~ Sharon can’t lose Faith. Nick doesn’t stand a chance against the two of us, Mariah assures.

Back at the tackhouse, Nick’s unable to cheer Faith up. He heard what she asked Santa for. It’s not going to happen. He meant his promise, but things changed. He too wishes things were different. It’s OK to be sad and angry, but it’ll be OK, Nick promises with a hug.

A third consultation scheduled, Mike points out that there’s no rush. It’s a slow growing cancer. They’re interrupted when Fen bursts in to hug Mike. A sheepish Kevin makes his ‘oops’ face.

Billy continues to talk to Delia. He thinks about her every single day; happy thoughts, like I promised. It’s not easy – but Chelsea helps. You remember Mommy’s best friend? We’ll be thinking about you – forever in our hearts. Merry Christmas Dee Dee.

Why would a stranger help you hide from the police? Adam tells Jack that Sage helped him take over Gabriel’s life. She bribed the coroner to ID the dental records. You fooled us all, Jack wonders why. Adam was desperate. Desperate to get away with killing Delia! Jack’s pissed.

Santa Paul laughs when Chris returns dressed as an elf. Hey – it’s not THAT funny, she poses.

Mike and Lauren assure that they’re holding up – thought it was best not to say anything til after the holidays. Kevin’s slip up explained, Mike won’t tell anyone else until he knows what he’s facing.