Thursday, December 18th

Adam never meant to hide what happened to Delia that night. He’s sorry. Why didn’t he come forward? Because no one would believe he didn’t know. He came to Jack, to ask if he believed in redemption. Adam was ready to come forward, but then Billy and Chloe decided to donate Delia’s corneas to Connor. After the operation, he recorded a confession. Adam was on his way to turn himself in when he and Billy got in the accident. Adam can’t lose any more time with his son. Jack points out that Billy’s child’s gone forever.

When Nick comes down with more ornaments, he’s alarmed to find that Faith’s nowhere to be found. Where are you? he looks scared.

Santa’s Land officially closed, Paul tells Chris that Faith wants the one thing Newman money can’t buy. Our child will have perfect parents. Chris has everything she wants ~kiss~

This is just what Mike didn’t want – everyone worrying about him. He’ll beat this thing one way or the other. Let’s celebrate. As Mike goes to find a bottle of sparkling something, his family looks worried.

Moping over a framed photo with Faith and Nick, Sharon answers the door. Nick! Faith? No, she’s not here. She’s supposed to be with you. How can Nick not know where she is?! Nick thinks she ran away.

At the club, Billy never thought he could be this happy. Chelsea and Katie make him look forward to life again. Cheers to that, Chelsea clinks his wine glass. Sage comes down the stairs – where are you? Call me. I hope you’re not doing anything stupid.

Adam doesn’t see that good will come of turning himself in. Connor deserves a Father. And Delia deserves justice, Jack replies. Adam must live with what he did – isn’t that justice enough? No, no it’s not. Adam came back for his family. Then you’ understand I’m doing what I have to do, Jack pulls out his phone. Oh, he’s not calling the police, he’s calling Billy.

Next: The Mayor’s willing to see us, Dylan reports. We can do this! Avery’s excited. We can, Dylan agrees … Chelsea confronts Sage at the club’s bar – are you following me? … Adam sneaks into the penthouse.

My Thoughts: ‘So this Chloe chick must be a real weirdo’, Mariah somehow concludes from an ornament. Who is she to call anyone weird? Yes, Chloe’s weird, but not nearly as weird as YOU or the Silver Chipmunk .. Why would Chelsea question WHY Billy wants to come to Delia’s roadside tribute? Isn’t it obvious? It’s certainly a well decorated place, especially since no one’s had occasion to put new stuff there in weeks …. Chris certainly sounded cynical about Dylan’s motives for offering up his coffee house. Yes, it’s win-win – ‘especially for him’ .. How nice – Chris has everything she wants (which means there’s no chance in hell she’s going full term and delivering a baby) … I’m Adam. Adam who? Why is Jack casually taking off his coat like the stranger in his living room is no longer a threat because he provided a first name .. Boo hoo. Nick whines to Paul, of all people, that it’s never fun when your kid’s not talking to you. Yeah well, it’s even worse when you shoot him dead …. Hearing Adam sum up years of ridiculous storylines ‘sick and twisted’ is accurate. Adam returning from the dead doesn’t seem so far-fetched in comparison. And why WOULDN’T Jack believe him? Didn’t his ex Patty Williams do the exact same thing? Sometimes you even find a doppleganger by accident (Jack’s no angel. He once hired a John lookalike to gaslight Gloria. Ironically, with recent gas-lighting victim, Sharon) …. Such colour coordination; Sharon’s orange hue matches the cushions and picture frame. Mariah’s skin tone is as white as the snow outside … Great – Sharon giving out advice on love. What next? Parenting For Dummies by The Williams’? … Poor Faith. If Sharon really wanted to do what’s best for her daughter, she’d put on her big girl thongs and stop making it so painfully obvious that she’d marry Nick in a heartbeat if only he’d reconsider. Put on a brave face and say ‘I don’t want to marry you Daddy either’ – and MEAN it. Because no man should make you feel like ‘you can’t think’ and that the ‘whole world does not exist’ … I too am glad Fen knows about his Dad’s diagnosis. And if two doctor’s have told him that there’s ‘no rush’ in getting treatment, Lauren needs to back off. Of course she’s right, and means well, but it’s Mike’s choice. HE is the one who must suffer the side effects. HIS is the life on the line.