Monday, December 22nd

Cane joins Victor – he’s glad to hear he’s coming to the cocktail party (but no, Joe can’t use his name as endorsement)

Constance took a spill while trying to get out of her wheelchair. It’s put a strain on her heart, Sage quietly explains. She wants to die here, at home. ‘Gabriel’ goes to her side. Constance has something to tell him – about his Father.

Now home, Sharon needs to get a few things straight with Faith; she’s never to run away like that. Come talk to us. Faith blames her Dad. Sharon knows the break up is hard on Daddy too. Nick chimes in – he’s sorry this is the way things are. We both love you. Faith calls her Dad a liar. It’s HIS fault Christmas is ruined (she runs off) We can’t go on like this, Sharon tells Nick.

Abby continues to grill her Mom (who needs to get a life). Ben’s off to see Vikki; easy on the egg nog Abby (who reminds that she poured HIM into a a cab last week) After Ben leaves, Tobias pops by – and is happy to hear he’ll have more responsibilities soon. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get what you deserve, Ashley smiles.

You don’t want Katie to have my name? No, Billy doesn’t understand. This is payback – you’re angry I blew up our family. It’s not fair to you, Vikki compromises on Katie Abbott-Newman.

Faith will only be happy if her parents get back together, Sharon says – but denies she’s giving her false hope. She’s trying to tell us something. Nick won’t drop the custody battle – we need to work harder to get Faith to accept the situation.

Talk of the custody battle, leads Dylan and Avery to think about the baby they lost. Avery gets a text – on no, bad news ….

The warehouse district will not be declared a landmark. But while the developer’s filing for permits, Avery will continue to fight. Dylan knows someone with a lot of power is getting to people who can help them!

Jill says Victor stole CI. Joe read that he inherited it. He conned a little old lady, Jill insists. Collin referees – he wants to invest. Joe will be in touch if he’s needed. Jill’s left to scold Collin for wanting to back something she opposes.

Joe’s introduced to Victor (who’ll be at the party but won’t be used to lure other investors) Joe appreciates his candor. Have a nice day, Victor dismisses Joe to question Cane about the corporate world. One day he’ll find out who was behind Bonaventure. Victor has things in the pipeline that’ll make up for what that cost him.

As he holds Constance’s hand, ‘Gabriel’s’ told that his Father built all this with his software empire. Sage listens as Constance then brings up the hostile takeover. Your Father didn’t die of a heart attack. He committed suicide. His company was taken over by Newman Enterprises. Victor Newman killed your Father.
Sharon understands that Faith’s disappointed. Faith doesn’t want to be a family who lives apart again. You have two parents who love you – and two amazing Christmases. With lots of presents, Nick adds. Faith continues to plead. Nick’s sorry. No it won’t be OK! Faith runs upstairs.

Ben brings ‘a few’ gifts over to Vikki’s. OK, maybe he’s trying to impress the kid’s Mom. Of course Ben will be over for Christmas. Jenna’s not taking his calls (so he can’t tell her the truth) She’s just trying to protect Max (who hopefully will get all the gifts) As long as Ben’s got Vikki, he’s grateful ~hug~ Vikki vows to give him a happy Christmas.

At the lab, Billy whines to Abby and Ashley (who’s sure Victor won’t be able to poison Vikki and Katie against him; no matter that her name’s Newman) After Abby leaves for the Christmas party, Ashley asks Billy why he’s really bothered about Kate’s name. It has nothing to do with Victor.