Wednesday, December 24th

At the ranch, Faith (temporarily being played by the previous actress) just loves her angel snow-globe (which she’ll name Katherine) Aside, Nick’s leaving for two reasons; Faith’s pissed at him – and Sharon’s coming by to pick her up.

Vikki has much to be happy about; a video chat with Reed, the miracle baby in her arms – and Ben assembling a train track under the tree. We’ll keep our surprise a secret, Vikki whispers to Katie.

At the penthouse, Billy and Chelsea have a lot to be thankful for; Delia’s gift (of eyesight) to Connor and Katie; a miracle. ‘And us’, Billy adds, as they both look up at the star atop the Christmas tree.

Dylan and Avery are at CL’s. She understands why he wanted to have Christmas dinner there. You’re worried CL’s won’t be here next year.

At the park, Devon insists his Grandma Katherine would approve of their love. Hilary wants to touch him, but can’t. Have one, Devon offers up a paper bag.

Summer and Austin interrupt Jack and Phyllis snuggling on the couch. Merry Christmas!!

Candles and champagne brought out and music playing, Dylan yanks Avery into a dance. They toast to celebrating next Christmas there too. Dylan loves owning CL’s. It’s where he got to know Nikki and Paul – their first kiss (after Nick and I broke up) Kissing, they say ‘we’re closed’. Police! Paul bellows – then wishes them both Merry Christmas.

Nick needs to leave before Sharon shows up. He then shows off a drawing Faith did of him on horseback. It’s no big deal, Faith says. It is to Nick, and Victor (who kicks a ball around with Faith, then wishes Nick a Merry Christmas before he leaves).

As Phyllis hugs Summer, Jack thanks Austin (who hopes to gain his mother in law’s acceptance) They have a gift for Phyllis (mostly due to the brilliant Austin) He plugs a flash-drive into the computer and all watch as Summer begins to narrate what Phyllis missed while she was ‘sleeping’.

Oh how happy Chelsea is this Christmas. She encourages Billy to go visit Katie and Johnny – while she has a visit to pay too. After Billy leaves, Chelsea tells Connor that it’s not easy to ‘share’.

Santa left something under the tree – a little something Ben picked up. Vikki’s delighted with her locket; that has three compartments (one for each kid’s photo) Ben answers his phone – Max, is that you??? It’s my son, he chokes up.