Monday, December 22nd

Nick’s doing what he thinks is best for Faith. Sharon believes him – but doesn’t agree. We can still make this a wonderful Christmas for Faith. We will, Nick agrees – then leaves.

Ashley thinks Billy’s bothered because Vikki naming the baby Newman means it’s really over. Billy admits she’s right. He and Vikki are friends; co-parents. No, he can’t ‘get it back’. He’s happy with Chelsea now.

Vikki and Ben are looking forward to Christmas together. And now he must leave – so Vikki can get Ben’s gift. Now alone, Vikki makes a call. You probably weren’t expecting to speak to me – it’s about Christmas.

Collin’s all about making millions – and progress. You make us look good. I make us money. Jill’s not happy when Cane informs that Victor’s coming to the party – and doesn’t agree that there’s nothing she can do about Victor inheriting CI.

Dylan and Avery agree it must be someone powerful – to have the mayor and landmark commission on their side. We’ve got a hard battle on our hands.

Meanwhile, at the club, Victor mumbles to Joe – so what’s the word? Everything’s going according to plan, Joe discreetly replies as he moves on.

Make Victor pay for what he did to your Father, Constance asks ‘Gabriel’ to promise her. Adam will make sure Victor Newman pays for what he’s done.

Next: What’s going on? Mariah asks. Just get over to the police station right away, Kevin snaps into the phone – I need your help … I brought you something, a Christmas present, Dylan makes Nikki smile … Victor? Sharon opens her front door. Victor’s NOT happy to look inside and see a smiling Nick dressed as Santa.

My Thoughts: Sorry. Time is running out. Only 2 more shopping days left!!!