Wednesday, December 24th

Back at the park, Hilary relays her excuse – she’s out for a walk. Devon told Neil he was meeting Gwen. He offers another chestnut. Reaching in, Hilary pulls out a ring; a band of diamonds.

Phyllis closes the laptop. Mom, what’s wrong? Learning of the aftermath of Adam’s death, Phyllis is excuses herself. As Jack follows, Austin suggests they go home – both have more gifts. After the kids leave, Phyllis fires up the laptop again – this is info she’s been craving.

At Underground, Nick’s having a drink as he opines that Faith must have drawn him as a cowboy when she thought he was a good guy. Nikki appears – you ARE a good guy. And he doesn’t have to fake happiness around her. She knows all about the Christmas blues. Is there something you want to tell me? Nick asks (as Nikki eyes the assortment of booze)

Victor and Faith are delighted when Chelsea and Connor arrive. As the kids play, Victor agrees that she IS doing him a favour (the more time Billy spends with her, the less he spends with Vikki)

Ben’s happy that Jenna gave Max all his gifts – love you son. Let me talk to your Mom. Ben thanks Jenna. No. I didn’t know. Thanks – bye. After he hangs up, Vikki reports that she told Jenna the truth (the best gift to Ben) And as he holds Katie – talking about being one big happy family, Billy arrives to extinguish his smile.

You’re never gonna miss anything again. Jack’s filming – he’s starting a new album. What’s going on? Phyllis is startled when the lights suddenly go out.

Johnny in his lap, Billy comments on Vikki putting the train track together. No, it was Ben. Billy then gives Katie a gift (a stuffed animal for her to snuggle up with when Daddy’s not there) And as Billy goes back to playing trains with Johnny, the lights go out there too.

Victor’s so happy Connor’s there to play with Faith. When the lights then go out, Chelsea tells Faith that Rudolph’s red nose must have blown a fuse.

Nikki assures Nick that his wounds will heal. Draw strength from our family, including Victor. He is Nikki’s anchor; the kids, her compass. Nikki hopes Nick will turn to his family. Right now, he’s gonna look for a flashlight.

Yes, Summer and Austin know CL’s closed, but this is the only place in town with lights. Paul makes a call. Oh really? That bad?

Back at the park, Hilary reminds Devon that she already has a ring; the one Neil gave her. Devon wants her to wear it when they can be together. This is an eternity ring – he’ll love Hilary forever. She loves it – and Devon. I vow to keep this ring safe and hidden until she can war it – even if it takes a miracle. The lights fizzle out. What do we do now? Take advantage of no one being able to see them – kiss.

Posting cops at all effected traffic lights, Paul updates that an ice storm knocked out a power station. After a quick call to Chris, Paul’s happy to see Nikki and Nick. As Dylan fetches coffee, on the patio, Summer’s thrilled with tickets to a New Year’s concert (which Austin’s been saving up for) He’s equally delighted with his scarf (and that Summer made it) Back inside, tables are put together; more coffee is brewed. Dylan and Avery are happy to share ~kiss~