Wednesday, December 24th

Candles lit, Jack and Phyllis are grateful to be together – even if it’s in the dark. No fear of it getting cold – they’ll just make out in front of the roaring fireplace.

Nikki’s delighted when Victor arrives with Chelsea and the kids. Avery gushes about CL’s being a place everyone comes to. Victor talks about change. Yet, here we all are, Avery beams. Ben, Vikki and the kids arrive. Nick tells Faith that Dylan must have a generator. On the patio, Victor gives Nikki a gift; a strawberry (flashback to a much younger Nikki and Victor in bed) You are still my fantasy. You’re not so bad yourself ~kiss~

Devon and Hilary snuggle on the park bench. An eternity is worth waiting for, they decide. Merry Christmas.

Jack and Phyllis arrive at CL’s. She surprises Summer by remembering Austin’s name (and thanking him) Billy and Chelsea wouldn’t change a thing about this Christmas. Ben and Vikki are saying pretty much the same thing. Paul announces that the lights should be back on soon. No one looks in a hurry to leave. Nick toasts to Dylan and his generator. Oh, but he has no generator. Pan to Faith’s angel snow globe.

Next: Are you checking me out? Well when I see a beautiful woman I can’t help myself, Joe says to Ashley…. Is this about the formula I stole from Ashley’s files. Was it useful? It was, Victor tells Tobias .. We have to tell the authorities that you’re alive, Jack tells Adam.

My Thoughts: Did Avery really need to remind Dylan that she was engaged to marry his brother Nick? … Victor’s your ‘anchor’ alright Nikki; he may not exactly be pulling you down as you drown in vodka, but he’s not throwing you a lifeline or helping you into a lifeboat either. Looks like Nikki’s alcoholism comes and goes like her MS, Sharon’s bi-polar disorder. Victor’s epilepsy? It’s just gone. Kudos to Nikki for not chugging from the nearest bottle when Nick went to fetch a flashlight… CL’s was the only place in town that possibly had a generator? Ontario’s ice storm last year knocked our power out for 4 days – but many businesses have back up generators; as do hospitals and police stations etc (and now me. I’m prepared. Yet, billionaire Devon doesn’t have back up power) … Hilary and Devon are so gross. They won’t last the year, never mind an ‘eternity’. And if Devon thinks Katherine would approve of him sneaking around with his Dad’s wife, he didn’t know her at all. She respected Neil, and would be sickened to see him played for a fool by his own son …. So now that Jenna knows that Ben’s not a murderer, when does he plan to see the son he loves/misses so much? And why is Vikki only seeing Reed via video chat? …. A strawberry Victor? Really? Wherever did he find one? The local grocery store? How very romantic. Nikki’s so hammered lately she doesn’t remember conversations from the day before – never mind a romp with Victor 35+ years ago …. Today’s Christmas show was just about as cheesy as it gets – but it was warm and fuzzy. I’m off to do some wrapping now. Have a good Christmas Eve everyone.