Thursday, December 25th

No time for nonsense like spellcheck and proofreading.

In the lab, Jack tells Ashley that he was at CL’s last night – so was Victor was, on his best behavior. Yes, that’s because he’s having Tobias take photos of my files. But no worries – Ashley won’t let anything get in her way.

Tobias got to the ranch as soon as he could. Was the info he stole from Ashley’s files useful? Yes, Victor says – it was.

Sage and Adam chat in the park. Constance will be relieved to know her will is in order. We don’t need any more surprises. No, Sage had no idea Victor drove Gabriel’s Dad to suicide – but knows Adam’s capable of keeping his promise to make Victor pay. Yes, it’ll be his pleasure.

Nick’s back at CL’s – chatting with Avery and Dylan about the miracle of them having power last night. Amen on that – Dylan plans to take it and run with it.

Bumping into Mike at the club, Joe babbles on about the project. About that – he’ll need to find another lawyer. Mike quits.

Mike’s emailed Joe names of good attorney’s. It’s best for everyone that he leaves. Best for you or best for your wife? Dylan and his supporters must have gotten to her. Nope – and Mike has nothing further to say. More money won’t change his mind – good luck, he shakes Joe’s hand.

Dylan shows Nick a T-shirt. Save CL’s – where the lights are always on for you. This place IS magic, they agree (and briefly talk about Faith and Sharon) Ending a call, Avery tells Nick that there won’t be a custody hearing – the Judge wants them to enter mediation. Nick won’t be a ‘jerk’, but must fight for custody because it’s best for Faith.

Adam tells Sage that no one’s succeed in standing up to Victor – but this time he won’t see me coming. Sage is glad (for Constance) No, she’s not made that ‘Gabe’ will inherit most of Constance’s estate (but Adam better not push her – I’m all you have right now)

Jack won’t ‘calm down’ – especially when hearing Victor’s spy hasn’t been fired. It’s OK – the files Tobias has seen are bogus; ‘pea soup’. Yes, Jack’s apologizing. But Ash must keep her guard up. Victor won’t let it end here.