Thursday, December 25th

Back at the ranch, Victor talks about Ashley’s compound – it’s used to make Tequila; his drink of choice. Ashley’s on to you. But no – Tobias is not to quit. Pay the idiot – let Ashley think she’s in control.

Mike stops by CL’s; the place where miracles happen will be a big attraction. People are on Dylan’s side – and Mike’s dropped Joe as a client. He doesn’t need the bad karma now. Why? Avery wonders what’s going on?

Joe’s at the ranch updating Victor that Mike’s off the case. City permits are holding up the sale of the warehouse district – and the Mayor seems to be waffling. Victor won’t let a power surge stop him from selling that property. Joe wonders how his family will react when they realize he sold Dylan’s building – will that be a problem for you?

Ashley knows all about what Victor’s capable of and will guard their project. Talk of New Year’s leads Ash to marvel about someone you thought you’d never see again coming back (she’s talking about Phyllis – Jack’s thinking of Adam) He then pressures Ash to go out for New Year’s Eve.

Adam leaves Sage at the park – find a way home, I’m taking the car. As Sage protests, Nick comes along – you OK? Who was that?

Mike ducks Avery and Dylan’s questions. He needs to make the most of what he has. It can all be gone in a minute (like Phyllis) Surely Mike was put on this earth to do more than help investors rob Dylan of what he’s put his whole heart into. Hugging Mike, Avery announces her engagement. He wishes them a long and happy life together.

Victor tells Joe not to delve into issues that aren’t his concern. No one knows he owns the property downtown. Joe won’t tell Victor’s family, will he? Have a nice day, Victor dismisses him.

Back at the park, Sage tells Nick that she had a disagreement with a friend. Someone close to her is dying. Nick encourages Sage to talk, over hot chocolate. Yes, with marshmallows. Getting Sage’s name, Nick goes to fetch hot chocolate.

Adam startles Jack as he unlocks his front door. I’m Gabriel Bingham, he reminds as they go inside. Jack’s made a decision. Tell me you’re gonna help me, Adam says.

At the club, Ashley and Joe make eye contact. Were you checking me out? she asks. When Joe notices a beautiful woman, he can’t help it. Joe Clark, you haven’t changed at all (seems they know one another ~hug~) Damn it’s good to see you, he smiles.

On a park bench, Sage tells Nick that the woman who’s dying is her guardian; the woman who took her in when her parents died. Asked about her non-supportive friend, Sage confides the woman is his grandmother – we’re both on edge. She then rushes off.

Jack must tell the authorities that Adam’s alive, because of Delia (and what her loss caused Billy and Chloe) Adam’s riddled with guilt – but is begging Jack to help him be part of Chelsea and his son’s life. You’re the only one I can trust – show me some compassion. He lists his supports when Stefanie died. Did Jack go to prison? No – because it was a horrible accident. You can’t turn your back on me now, Adam concludes.