Thursday, December 25th

After Avery kisses Dylan and goes to the club for a meeting, Dylan’s left to flashback to telling Avery that they can handle anything together. He then asks Mike if he can take Avery on an extended vacation. Or is a month too much for him to handle alone?

Back at the club’s bar, Joe thinks Ashley looks just as stunning as when she said good bye in New York. Never mind his real estate development plan – we had a good thing going until you disappeared. And here you are.

Nick catches up to Sage as she tosses her empty cup away. Since he remembers Constance’s name, she knows he was really listening. As they part ways, Nick stops when he overhears Sage gasp ‘oh no’ as she answers her phone.

Jack will always be indebted to Adam. Prove it – help me establish myself as Gabriel. No, Jack couldn’t live with himself – you give me no choice. I have to turn you in.

Back at the ranch, Victor’s on the phone – Ashley’s discovered Tobias is spying. Let her keep feeding him misinformation, and you can get the real formula over to me ~click~

Ashley and Joe continue to flirt at the bar. Yes, she’s available – on New Year’s Eve. It’s a date. At the door, Avery looks most displeased.

Mike will cover for Avery, no problem while she’s on her honeymoon. Oh – but they haven’t even set a date. Mike encourages Dylan to grab every good moment he can.

Sage leaves a message for Adam – your grandmother’s taken a turn for the worse. We need to get to her. Nick will help sage look for her friend – his car’s over there. Thank you, Sage leaves with him.

Adam threatens Jack as he goes for the phone – if I go to prison, Billy does too.

Next: Lily makes Devon feel guilty; If Dad didn’t have Hilary he wouldn’t have just THOUGHT about drinking … I saw a shadow, Neil confides in Phyllis. You saw!? she yelps. Shhh, Neil says …. The night Billy made it home safely and I didn’t, it’s because of this (Adam lifts his shirt to show Jack a scar) Billy shot me.

My Thoughts: Merry Christmas everyone!!!!