Friday, December 26th

On the CL’s patio, Billy starts making out with Chelsea. What if someone walks in? He doesn’t care.

Does Jack want to know why Billy made it home safe the night Delia died? This is why. Adam lifts his shirt to show off a scar – Billy shot me. Jack’s stunned.

As Sage thanks Nick for bringing her to the club, Vikki happens by for introductions. Wow – Nick’s angel DOES exist, she smiles.

Further inside, Devon and Lily prepare for New Year’s. Will he bring Gwen? It’d make Dad happy. It’s bad enough that he’s thinking of drinking. And you are in love right?

Hilary hides her ring as Neil appears to kiss her. Phyllis then drops by the condo. You and I have some business to deal with, she tells Hilary. Neil’s puzzled.

Ben visits Kelly in her office – to tell her that Vikki got through to Jenna AND he got to speak to Max. He’s lucky. Kelly won’t make it about her (missing Sam) Christmas was quiet (and not as she expected) Now Kelly just needs to get through New Year’s.

Downstairs, Vikki thanks the humble Sage. When Victor texts, there’s talk of her being a cog in the wheel of NE (as Victor will brainwash Katie to be) Nick won’t let Sage send him off – he knows what’s going on here.

Now seated on the patio, Chelsea catches Billy checking out his wedding ring tattoo. It’s his anniversary. The night Victor sent her to Victor, to announce her pregnancy. Billy’s over that – it’s time for a clean slate. With a kiss, he leaves Chelsea to work on her sketches (and pout)

Jack doesn’t appreciate being blackmailed. Adam doesn’t appreciate that Jack won’t protect him – maybe he’ll protect Billy. Temporary insanity? he took me from my home – with a gun – then shot me. It was premeditated. Jack’s disappointed Adam would threaten Billy – after killing his daughter. Adam just wants to live his life as someone other than Victor’s son. But Billy loves Chelsea; Jack can’t do this to his brother.

Billy has his freedom – he doesn’t need Chelsea. But how dare Adam decide what Billy needs. Chelsea wants ME – she loves ME. And Billy loves Billy. You’re dead – you don’t exist, Jack reminds. Adam will do whatever it takes – he wants Chelsea.