Friday, December 26th

Nick guesses that Sage realizes that his Dad is Victor Newman. I’m nothing like him. Sage would have saved Victor; he gets press but may be a decent guy. Nick concludes that this dying woman means more to Sage than her grandson.

Gwen has friends and family – she might not be in town, Devon explains. Lily wonders why he’s so crabby (if he’s in love) Being happy isn’t being selfish. You have no idea, Devon quips.

What does Phyllis want from Neil’s wife? Her ‘powers of deception’ (she wants Jack’s schedule to plan a surprise) As ‘life saver’ Hilary goes to print it off, Phyllis also needs help from Neil.

Adam wasted a lot of time plotting against Victor. But Billy’s wasting time with Chelsea. Vikki’s with someone else, Jack insists. Adam’s amendment – he knows Chelsea better than anyone. He’s sure he can win her back. Re: Phyllis, Jack DID have someone else. But you chose Phyllis – because that’s who you were meant to be with. Adam didn’t have to tell Jack who he was – he wanted him to be happy he was back. OK – Jack will help Adam (for Billy’s sake) One condition – be the man Adam Newman never had a chance to be. Adam swears he will.

At Vikki’s for his scheduled visit, Billy’s told that the kids are sleeping (and can he help assemble this baby toy?) They discuss New Year’s Eve plans – and that it’s their wedding anniversary.

Phyllis asks Neil about Chelsea being a fashion designer. Yes, she DOES need Neil’s help (to make her look good in her new job) Neil guesses that she’s pissed – but that’s OK. Fight for what you want. You went to that doctor who might make you see, Phyllis guesses.

Lily wonders why Devon feels guilty. I’m not a good son (being caught up in my own stuff) Lily gushes about Hilary helping Dad. He’d be drinking without her, she’s sure.

Wished good luck, Sage runs upstairs. As Adam arrives, Nick recognizes him; ‘Bingham’.

I know you. Dude, it’s Nick Newman. You’re Gabriel – Bingham – the Binger. I was a coupla years ahead of you at Mount Bell Academy. Oh yes, Adam remembers. When Sage comes down, Nick guesses they know one another.

Working on the baby toy, Vikki and Billy joke about their history. She keeps meaning to have her tattoo removed. He hasn’t gotten around to it. What were we thinking? Vikki wonders. That if the rings were permanent, we would be too. Billy replies.

At CL’s, Ben tells Kelly to do whatever she can to come out the other side. You’re a good brother, she leaves him to chat with Chelsea on the patio (and thanks her for getting Jeff to drop the lawsuit) We’re both cons, she says.

Yes, Neil’s seeing the doctor. And on Christmas Eve, he saw some light and shadows. Phyllis wants him to tell his wife – but understands he worries about disappointment. Neil can’t wait to see his wife’s beautiful face again (Hilary’s back)

Hilary’s back with Jack’s schedule. Phyllis admits she’s there for Neil’s help – and thanks Hilary. Now alone again, Neil also thinks Hilary’s a woman in love. he promises that next year won’t be like this year. Throw away the birth control pills. Hilary gets them from her purse (but only drops the empty pack in the trash can) ~hug~

Back at the club, Devon asks Gwen out for New Year’s Eve (but doesn’t look happy about it)

Yes – Gabriel’s the friend Sage was looking for. He gives ‘Bingo’ his card – let’s catch up some time. Sage is then left to glare at Adam – nice of you to come back.

Phyllis is back home – is this Bingham guy friend or foe? He’s an old business associate who wants to do a deal. Jack’s ‘wary’ (and not able to answers Phyllis’ questions)

At the club’s entrance, Adam frets to Sage (Nick will ask him stuff he doesn’t know) Never mind that – Sage wants to get back to Constance. At the bar, Nick looks at a photo of ‘Bingo’ (on a tablet) – you haven’t changed a bit. He remembers seeing him when trapped in the woods. Who’d you take off? he wonders to himself.