Monday, December 29th

It’s New Year’s Eve at the club. In the foyer, Ashley ends a call; ‘I’m all dressed up and waiting for you handsome’. And here’s Ben for a work out. *awkward*

At home, Vikki introduces Reed to Katie. We’re all going to be one big happy family. Then where’s Billy? Reed wonders.

Billy’s dressed to go to the club, but Chelsea will get dressed after her Mom arrives (so Connor doesn’t spit up on her) Where IS Anita anyway???

She’s at CL’s, struggling to pick the perfect cupcake. And when Adam appears to help, Anita knows exactly what he’s doing.

On the CL’s patio, Dylan wants to make celebrate in private. No – Avery explains that they need to go schmooze (as you can bet Joe will be) Let’s go.

Back at the club, Joe and Cane discuss the upcoming cocktail party. Joe can charm 90% of the people. Even though Lily’s in the 1%, he’ll get her on-board too – even if he needs to charm her a new way (which concerns Cane)

Upstairs in the office, Kelly works hard to convince Lily that she’ll be fine when Jack and Phyllis arrive. She’s worked hard on this night and won’t let anyone ruin it.

Still at home, Jack’s ready, Phyllis is in a short satin robe. She asks about last New Year’s Eve – and the ‘party planner’.

Rehashing Phyllis’ return, Jack hopes tonight will be drama free. Phyllis just wants to ring in the new year with family and friends. She sympathizes with Jack’s year of loss; Delia, Summer – and Adam. As they kiss, Summer barges in needing help with her dress.

Anita assumes Adam’s flirting with her. Yes he is – and will buy the cupcake (with a 100) Impressed, Anita informs that she’s babysitting – Chelsea will be at the GCAC. Adam’s left with all the info he needs.