Friday, December 26th

Over coffee, Chelsea and Ben have a good talk. There’s no reason they can’t get along. We’ve both got what we want, let’s not screw it up. No way in hell, Ben agrees.

Vikki and Billy continue to walk down memory lane. Why couldn’t we survive losing Delia? he wonders.

Phyllis and Jack are coming? (for New Years) What is wrong with those people?! Kelly feels it a slap in the face. Lily offers her the night off. No need – Kelly will make it the most perfect evening of the year.

Jack wants to say good bye to 2014 (with a trip) Phyllis wants to go to the club (never mind Kelly) OK – Jack loves Phyllis; it’ll be a wonderful night (but he’s not convinced)

Next: What’s the matter Jack? Does being alone with me make you uncomfortable? Kelly taunts Jack (at the club) …. Arriving at the club with Dylan, Avery’s stunned to see Ashley on Joe’s arm … You looking for someone? Adam smiles at Chelsea.