Monday, December 29th

Phyllis’s dress concealed by her coat, Summer wishes she could be there to see Jack’s face when she takes it off. Tell Austin I love the video, Phyllis sees Summer out (then flashes back to Jack’s proposal) – and answers the phone; have some patience, I’m on my way.

Avery and Dylan are back at CL’s – oh how much the coffeehouse (and Avery) means to Dylan. The dance and kiss to music on the jukebox.

If Joe’s looking for Avery, she and Dylan left, Ashley wonders if he’s disappointed. Actually, Joe’s looking for Jack. Playing hard to get, Ashley reminds that in New York, Joe said he’d get his ex back. She assumes that’s Avery.

Lily worries – Kelly’s vanished (but not too worried to sneak upstairs to a suite with Cane)

Unaware that Billy’s not at the club, Chelsea arrives. Lookin’ for someone? Adam turns her head.

Katie’s brought home safe and sound in time for New Year’s (which she’ll sleep through) Vikki reads a note from Ben (who’s taken the boys out for Hot Chocolate) Billy jokes that he was right about Katie having reflux. This is nice – laughing together. Yes, we’re both happy – and have the one thing we both wanted.

As Phyllis drives to the club, Kelly appreciates having a chance to talk to Jack. Phyllis’ car rolls to a stop. I’m out of gas!? In the middle of nowhere!?

Chelsea’s impressed that Adam remembers her son’s name. She’s not waiting for her husband, we’re … trying to figure that out. It’s complicated. Adam assumes so – she’s wearing a wedding ring.

Next: OMG! Paul! …. You lied to me Nikki (seems he caught her talking to Kay’s plaque) ….. To the new year and to new friendships, Adam and Chelsea clink glasses and drink….. Happy New Year!!!! (balloons fall from the ceiling at the club)

My Thoughts: Why doesn’t the GCAC have separate entrances? So that GC’s gown n tux clad elite don’t have to rub shoulders with sweaty people coming out of the gym? … Reed seems to be a well adjusted kid (a sharp contrast to Faith’s constant whining about her parents getting back together; though that’s mostly her parents fault for dangling that carrot in front of her off and on since birth) I guess we can’t be too hard on Ben (for neglecting Max) when Vikki rarely mentions Reed (never mind trying to spend more time with him ….. Summer barges into Jack’s house bellowing for her Mom – has she no periphereal vision at all? Cant’s see Phyllis in her electric blue robe? I wonder why her dress hasn’t been revealed. It won’t be a show-stopper (only MS could pull that off) so I’m guessing it’s the same dress Kelly’s wearing … If Summer’s dress makes her look like a little girl, why did she pick it? She has tons of dresses I’m sure. If she can’t get herself ready for New Year’s Eve, she IS a little girl … Summer’s hair up is not flattering … Who meets their New Year’s date at the venue? If my date said ‘meet you at the club’ I’d tell him to go …um …jump in the lake …. And why hasn’t Billy bothered to call Chelsea during the ride to or from GCM, or while the doctor is examining Katie? Amazing that they got in and out of the emerg department within an hour .. Isn’t it time Chelsea took her wedding ring off? Now that she’s sharing her home and bed with Billy? … Does Billy think that Ben’s forgotten everything he learned in medical school? You don’t need to be a practising doctor to know Katie’s just fine. Baby’s spit up! … Phyllis shouldn’t ring the new year in on the side of the road. Given what happened last time she and Jack planned to attend an event together, I’d expect him not to waste time going to look for her … Kelly’s just a tad too chipper – I’m guessing she’s about to go all bunny boiler on Jack/Phyllis … CL’s is the last place Dylan and Avery should want to spend New Year’s – they rarely leave that place. And I feel sorry for any of Avery’s other clients – she’s obsessed with saving the coffee house.