Monday, December 29th

Chelsea tells Billy to go ahead and visit Reed and the kids while she gets ready. She doesn’t need to go every time he does. Vikki has someone else to kiss tonight (while Chelsea’s kissing Billy)

You look amazing. And you look freshly showered. Nothing like a hot shower, Ben and Ashley chuckle. Yes, he’s spending New Year’s with Vikki. Ashley does her ‘we’re both adults’ thing. And as Ben’s asking about her date, Joe appears for introductions. As as they’re about to proceed inside, arm in arm, Avery and Dylan arrive.

Vikki explains that they’re still a family, even though they don’t live together. Ben arrives to tell Reed about his son Max. Wanna see some videos of him in Australia? Yeah – cool, Reed leaves them to plan a trip down under next year.

Anita finally arrives with her cupcake – to boast about the rich, young, handsome man who ‘flirted shamelessly’ with her. As Chelsea heads up to get ready, Anita admits she’s happy that Billy’s making Chelsea happy.

Still at the Abbott mansion, Summer frets over her dress making her look like a little girl. Phyllis has a dress upstairs and will help Summer get ready. As Jack hugs both before leaving, he and Summer share a few touching words.

Congratulated on her engagement, Avery asks Ashley if Joe’s tried to recruit her yet. We’re here to celebrate Dylan reminds. As all head in, Avery pulls Joe aside – hoping he’s not using Ashley to push her buttons. That’s not Joe’s intent – but looks like he succeeded.

Billy fusses over Katie, and after he goes up to look in on Johnny, will play a video game with Reed. Vikki then worries to Ben; Katie spit up again – she’s warm – something’s wrong.

Back at the club, Avery’s annoyed – she never knew the man she married. We knew each other better than we’d ever known anyone else, Joe then excuses himself to join his date (as Avery gripes that Joe thinks the world revolves around him) Across the room, Ashley wonders why Joe didn’t tell her about Avery. He wants to focus on the future, not the past.

Lily’s now down with Cane (she’s still worried about Kelly) Seeing Jack arrive, Lily decides to warn him (having a bad feeling about this)

Phyllis approves of Sumer all dressed up – what a beautiful woman she’s grown up into. She mentions Kyle – and how great it is to have her Mother back. Phyllis looks forward to 2015 – and marrying Jack. Wonderful things lie ahead ~hug~

Adam hisses into his phone – he left Constance sleeping. He won’t let anyone find out who he is. Jack comes over to accuse him of skulking in. Adam wants to figure out a way to work with Jack. Kelly then comes down to meet ‘Gabriel’. After he heads inside, Kelly taunts – whatsamatter Jack? Does being alone with me make you uncomfortable?

Champagne in hand, Kelly assures Jack she won’t throw a drink in his (or Phyllis’) face. This year could be full of unexpected surprises. Greeting Ashley, Kelly then clip clops off. Joe thinks Jack could be the kind of businessman he’s looking for. Across the room, Avery’s still pissed about Joe. Let’s get out of here. Meanwhile, Joe invites Jack to his cocktail party. Brushing him off, Jack goes to ask the Ashby’s if they’ve seen his friend Gabriel. Like the angel? Not exactly.

Chelsea dazzles Anita with her Chelsea Lawson original (then jokes about the rich young man she met) Anita relays her words to Billy – that he makes Chelsea happy. Vikki’s no threat to what Billy and I have, Chelsea assures (then runs out)

Katie’s OK, Ben reminds he’s a doctor. But you’re not practicing anymore, Billy returns to say of course he’s worried – he’s Katie’s Dad. Ben sends them off to emerg. with Katie – he’ll stay with the boys.