Tuesday, December 30th

Removing her wedding ring, Chelsea claims it’s just to ward off men offering free drinks. She’s flattered but ‘no thanks’ – she’s waiting for her date. Adam wasn’t trying to hit on her – he’s waiting for someone too (and she’s perfect)

Victor snarls into his phone – do your job and sell the warehouse property – then call me ~click~ Also dressed to impress, Nikki asks Victor to promise he’ll never keep anything from her. Can you promise the same? Victor replies.

At Underground, Kevin jokes about Harding’s bunny which turned out to be a female. Noah, Courtney, Devon, Mariah, Abby and Summer all laugh. They then joke about Harding being dumped. Shots yes!? A Swedish guy pipes up. Who’s that??? That would be my date, Abby looks less than thrilled.

Kelly doesn’t mind Jack being at the club. Good – he doesn’t want to hurt her. Oh, YOU’RE the one who’s hurt, Kelly smiles – you’re still in love with me but stuck with Phyllis.

Phyllis has no gas and a dead phone, but won’t be beaten. Having made it here from Georgie with $5 and a stolen nurse’s uniform, she’ll walk to the club!

Abby introduces Lars to everyone – Jabot’s new model doesn’t speak English (except the word ‘shots’) ‘Princess’ then takes a jab from Harding – and a call from Kyle.

Across the room, Mariah jokes that Kevin’s no Plato Sphere. Both are having a great time, but Mariah won’t be kissing anyone at midnight. Behind the bar, Austin pouts as Abby hands her phone to Summer – so she can say hi to Kyle. Gwen wonders why Devon brought her to Underground. He’s always there – this’ll be more fun, he says.

Nikki got a call from Kay’s favourite charity – the keynote speaker bailed so she’s been asked to step in. It’s a battered women’s shelter, so it’s not a good idea Victor goes (which he tries to do)

At the club’s bar, Chelsea agrees to one drink – Adam toasts to the new year and new friendships. Billy then calls to report taking Katie to GCM. No need to cancel plans, he’ll be there soon – to start their new year together. Adam listens – is everything alright with Connor???