Tuesday, December 30th

Connor’s fine, Chelsea tells Adam that it was her date’s little girl. Chatting about Conner leads to soccer – which segues to his Grandpa (who can be a bit overbearing) On cue, Victor appears to wish Chelsea happy new year – and has she come to her senses re: Billy Abbott?

Ben’s back – and understands why Billy wanted to take Katie to emerg. If she was my daughter ….. After Billy leaves, Vikki apologizes to Ben.

Austin hovers as Summer chats to Kyle – everyone misses you. After she hangs up, Austin isn’t keen on a ski trip. There’s no reason to be jealous of Kyle, Summer loves Austin, and he promises to make this a great year for Summer.

Kelly understands – Jack couldn’t turn his back on Phyllis after she came out of her coma. Uh no, Jack loves Phyllis. Kelly knows he can’t just turn off his feelings for her (no matter what he says) Love just doesn’t go away. OK, tell me you have no feelings for me whatsoever. Listen to me, Jack grabs Kelly’s hands (as Phyllis watches)

At Underground, Abby blabs to Gwen that she and Devon dated – and assumes she’s the married woman Devon was hung up on. At the bar, Harding makes fun of Lars (who Abby drags off to cause more trouble) Courtney doesn’t look happy when Noah assures Abby he has NO plans to get married.

Nikki talks to Katherine’s plaque – it’s been 2 years … I’m trying to be strong, but, I’ve let you down, but I haven’t had a drop since Thanksgiving. I’ve been going to meetings. No more drinking. Paul appears – you lied to me Nikki.

Introductions are made between ‘Gabriel’, Chelsea and Victor (who then leaves Chelsea to explain that Connor’s Dad passed away ‘earlier this year’. The hardest part is the unresolved issues – I had a lot to say to him. Billy appears – and isn’t too happy to see ‘Bingham’.

What did I just walk in on? Phyllis is pissed. Jack was admiring my dress, Kelly lies. YOU look great in it, Chris chimes in (Hilary and Neil hovering) After Jack explains, Phyllis (in the same dress as Kelly) refuses to go home (not after running out of gas and walking there) She marches off to get a new dress from the boutique (but first, accosts Kelly) Hi Bitch. I know you set me up.

Paul was right – Nikki has been drinking. She’s sorry she wasn’t honest, but she was embarrassed, ashamed. No! She can’t tell her family. They can’t know. I’m not drinking anymore. How can Paul believe Nikki now? I’d never lie to Katherine, I’m going to meetings, she begs him not to worry Victor and the kids. Alright, Paul sighs (and gets a weepy/grateful hug)

Katie asleep, Vikki again apologizes for not listening to Ben, a doctor. He understands – he’s given her reason to not trust his judgment. Well, that’s in the past. I love you, Ben never stopped loving Vikki (who unbuttons his shirt)

Still at the club’s bar, Billy relays meeting Gabriel. No, he didn’t know Adam. Lucky you. And where IS your date? He’s been waiting for his special lady for almost a year. Hearing Gabriel may have more business with Jack, Billy points that he’s at Jabot too. So’s Chelsea’s – and she’lls make sure Billy’s not too hard on Gabriel (who looks forward to working with them both – good night) I don’t like him, Billy says – there’s something about him.