Tuesday, December 30th

Phyllis knows Kelly siphoned gas out of her car – and bought the same dress she did (spying at the boutique) I fill it out better than you – Kelly replies – and these lips have never been used to suck gas out of a tank. You want a war, you’ve got one, Phyllis marches upstairs (as Kelly looks delighted with herself)

Hilary off to the ladies room, Neil hears her phone go off on the bar. ‘Miss you. Love you’ is Devon’s message (too blurry for Neil to read)

Neil was trying to find Hilary’s phone. Was the text anything important? No, not important at all, Hilary lies.

Meanwhile, back at Underground, Devon’s just waiting for a text to confirm all’s OK at the club. He then goes to fetch Gwen a drink. At the bar, Abby tries to get Summer (and Austin) to come skiing in Italy with Kyle. Work? Mariah can cover – she needs money for a makeover. To Kevin’s delight, Mariah quotes Plato – the dude just gets me (but is probably an old guy who lives with in his Mom’s basement)

Chris needles Phyllis (if she ran out of gas, she doesn’t have to worry about being run over) For Jack and Summer’s sake, Chris hopes Phyllis becomes a better person (then greets Paul with a kiss) Nikki arrives to hug Victor – and the foursome chat. With Chris pregnant, Victor quips that both their wives will toast the new year with non-alcoholic drinks.

Adam scolds Jack for not telling him that Billy had a baby. So what? Jack’s fed up with ‘Gabriel’. If Jack doesn’t hire him at Jabot, Adam will have Billy charged for shooting him. Jack’s then dazzled by Phyllis in a red dress. As they’re about to kiss, all grab a glass as Neil does a toast – 2014 was a year of challenges, healing, joy, new life and hope – the best year Neil could have. He found new love – and it’s for good. Happy New Year. Paul leads the count down; 10, 9, 8..

At Underground, balloons fall from the ceiling; Summer and Austin kiss, Courtney and Noah too (but she looks at her ringless hand over his shoulder) Harding plants one on Abby. What the hell, Mariah kisses Kevin. Don’t you get any ideas. Don’t YOU get any ideas. Devon looks less than thrilled with Gwen’s kiss. Back at the club, Neil can’t see Hilary pouting.

As Chris raves about the year ahead, Paul watches Nikki (telling Victor it’ll be their best year yet ~kiss~) Welcome home – this is our year, Jack kisses Phyllis (Kelly glares at them) At home, Vikki and Ben are making out on the sofa.

No more looking back – nothing can stand in our way, Chelsea kisses Billy (as Adam watches)

Next: Jill eyes Collin – are you suggesting that I try to get chancellor away from Victor? …Nikki chats with Avery and Dylan at the ranch (as Victor hovers) Someone’s convinced the entire committee not to allow the coffee house to have landmark status? …. Happy New Year, Hilary opens her front door. Look who I brought with me, Devon smiles as Gwen appears.

My Thoughts: Oh the irony – the very idea of Victor at an event for a battered women’s shelter. He may not physically beat women, but he’s been emotionally abusive to many (and once shoved Diane out of an ambulance) That said, it’s silly to think that this room full of survivors wouldn’t be able seeing a man. Are there to be no male waiters or bartenders at this ‘reception? Nikki doesn’t feel it’s wrong to use battered women and ‘Katherine’s favourite charity’ in her lies? … I don’t know what the purpose of Lars was, but talk about over-the-top stereotypes. I guess it’s still OK to offend some nationalities. Not sure why Jabot would need to import a male model; most of their products are made for women … I hope TPTB are hearing us and plan to give Harding more airtime .. How can Adam not know about Katie? I’m sure her birth was announced in the media … Chelsea didn’t notice Adam leaning on her while she was on the phone with Billy … I see Summer has her paper wristband on (to indicate that she’s underage) cause those are impossible to rip off … Why isn’t Nick at Underground? Is Austin working or not? He’s behind the bar – but, dressed up like the guests (the other guy behind the bar is in his Underground T-shirt) …. Go Kelly! Sure she’s nuts – but we haven’t had a good female rivalry in a while. If she siphoned gas out of Phyllis’ car and deliberately bought the same dress, I’m impressed…. Looks like Neil’s still in the dark … In their usual not-so-subtle way, TBTP are suddenly portraying Courtney as just another girl who needs to get married (which is too bad. Her independence and strength is pretty well the only quality Courtney has) … All the ‘we’re going to be so happy. This will be a great year. Nothing can stand in our way’ talk pretty well tells us who’s got a bumpy road ahead (which is pretty well everyone) … Line of the Day goes to Kelly ‘these lips haven’t been used for sucking gas’. Chris comes in second with ‘YOU look good in your dress Kelly (as she sneers at Phyllis in the same dress) Kelly wouldn’t have dared wear the same dress as MS’s Phyllis (there’d just be no question of who’s wearing it best) The blue dress IS dated (an outdated figure skating costume) – why wouldn’t Phyllis have bought the red one in the first place?