Wednesday, December 31st

Jill thinks Gloria’s ideas are never boring – but is having a hard time caring about business today. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, Lauren orders Jill to focus. Retail isn’t as exciting as running Chancellor, but put on your big girl panties – I need you!

Due to his involvement with Bonaventure, Collin feels somewhat responsible for Cane leaving NE-Chancellor (and isn’t convinced that he’s ‘moved on’) Hilary doesn’t need Gwen’s help in the kitchen, so Devon follows to get Gwen a beer. You could have warned me, Hilary hisses at Devon (as the kids distract)

Avery sends Dylan home to watch football – she doesn’t want to start her new year on the couch. Dylan leaves – but then returns with a sled. Of course they’re going sledding ~kiss~

Oh how adorable – the twins are making revolutions, not resolutions. After Lily ushers them, Gwen and Neil chat. In the kitchen, Cane bristles when Collin insists he’s still keenly interested in Chancellor – the one that got away. After he leaves, Lily wonders what they were whispering about. Secrets?

Lauren’s sorry. So’s Jill. Fenmore’s big expansion can wait, Lauren decides. She and Gloria leave Jill to wait for Collin. At the door, Glo wonders if Lauren’s edgy because she’s premenopausal. Kevin calls – don’t panic – Mike’s in the hospital. In the examination room, Mike flashes back to telling Lauren he has cancer.

Nikki welcomes Avery and Dylan (with flyers to distribute) Victor doesn’t think Nikki has time. Oh, she’ll make time – this is important. Their plans? Sledding. The best place is the hill behind our barn. Reed’s going – and Nikki talks Victor into it too. The boys left to chat, Dylan says ‘let’s all go have some fun, for Nikki’s sake’. Don’t tell me how to relate to my wife, Victor’s cold but polite.

As Hilary and Neil debate ‘hoops’, Gwen declares them such a cute couple. As soon as Devon goes for a beer, Hilary goes to check the ham. In the kitchen, Devon explains why he brought Gwen – he hates doing this. Did you sleep with her last night? Hilary hates to ask.