Wednesday, December 31st

Cane’s not keeping secrets from Lily. Collin just asked if he misses the ecorporate world. Again? Yes, and Cane does miss it – knows he can turn Chancellor around and make it profitable.

At the club, Jill tells Collin that she loves working with Lauren at Fenmore’s – but she needs more. She wants to run Chancellor. Collin doesn’t think that crazy. Jill should accept that Kay left CI to Victor. Did she have no faith in her at all? Or did she want her to prove herself by taking it away from Victor?

Lauren and Gloria race into the examination room. Gloria’s puzzled as to why Lauren’s so upset. It’s not like Mike’s been diagnosed with cancer or anything. The Baldwin’s are silent. Michael? You have cancer? Glo bleats.

Who said anything about cancer, Mike reassures Gloria (who’s near tears but relieved) Mike then sends Kevin and Gloria out (even though she used to change his diapers) Now alone, Mike agrees that Gloria will have to be told. Now what were you doing running in the cold? Lauren scolds – start treatment!

After sledding, everyone talks about how much fun they had. Nikki’s then updated that landmark status was denied. Someone with clout interfered, Dylan suspects (as Victor busies himself within earshot)

As Collin vows to support Jill every step of the way, Lily’s encouraging Cane to go after CI if it’ll make him happy. Victor screwed you over. Be happy – do it – go for it. The club will be fine. Cane hugs her.

No, Devon didn’t sleep with Gwen. OK – Hilary will try to be more patient. Holding the ring out, she knows they have a future. Neil hovers nearby looking suspicious, squinting at Hilary’s outline.

Neil! You startled me, Hilary stammers. The twins again interrupt, to read their resolutions (and insist grown ups have to write theirs down too)

Victor’s resolution is to take a break from pressure of the outside world – let’s table this. Dylan agrees. Both thank Victor, and sent off with hugs by Nikki, pause on the front step to kiss.

Neil resolves to see again. Hilary resolves to be honest. Devon – To be patient. Lily to be willing to let go. Cane – To find a way to run Chancellor again. In the jar they go.

In the park, Collin resolves to be an open book. Jill cackles – she’ll believe it when she sees it. She then tells Kay’s plaque that she’ll wrest her company out of the clutches of Victor Newman in 2015.

Cuddling, Victor makes the same resolution he does every year – to protect and cherish his family. As he goes to check on Reed, Nikki silently resolves to find strength. One day at a time, she eyes the bottles.

Mike will get whatever treatment he needs to survive – but in his own way and time. Lauren will try to be more understanding. Both are anxious to go home. Being in the hospital the first day of 2015 can’t be prophetic, Mike quips. He’s scared too, but resolves to live and love every day. Not to take a minute for granted. Yes, Lauren can do that with him. Happy 2015 ~kiss~

Next: Why are you here? Jack snarls. To talk about the new job you’ll be offering me, Adam replies ….Phyllis makes an appeal – I could really use your help Billy. And not just for my sake, for your brother’s …. David Sherman announces that Ms Newman is the one who deserves sole custody. Sole custody? Are you kidding me? Nick’s pissed. No, no – even Sharon protests that.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

See you next year (aka tomorrow)